Monday 14 March 2016

The Waterfall - Welcome to New Customers!

Nicki Edgell

We are thrilled so many of you have invested in the PiMag Waterfall System. Below is a selection of commonly asked questions about setting it up and using it in the first few days:

  • Should I use it for my kettle? Yes, definitely - it will transform teas and coffees, or plain hot water if you drink that (as recommended by many nutritionists and health practitioners). You will taste the difference and the boiled water will still be doing you alot more good than the tap variety.
  • My Waterfall water tastes a bit "metallic". Don't worry, this is quite common when the filter and/or the stones are brand new. New filters should be soaked for 8-12 hours or overnight if possible, and water passed through several times before insertion. The waterfall should then be flushed through with the new filter in place several times before the water reaches it's normal taste. New stones should also be soaked at first and then will settle down over the first few days of actual use.
  • The usual mechanism for the tap is to push it in to release the water, but you can flick it into a forward position for a constant flow.
  • I can't get my kettle or water jug under the tap. If possible the waterfall works well if positioned over the edge of the counter or windowsill so the tap overhangs, or on a raised platform. Otherwise a light plastic jug can be used to transfer water (also useful for filling at the top too). 
  • The water flow is quite slow. This can happen especially with new filters. You can press down on the foam segments at the top of the filter to release air pockets and increase the flow. Also remember to keep the top tank topped up in time to provide the water you need (but don't overfill too quickly as the bottom tank will overflow!). The gravity system relies on the weight of the top tank water falling through the filter. Many people get into a routine of filling the top tank just once or twice a day, first thing in the morning, or last thing at night. The filters do contain a lot of dense material that the water must flow through but the speed of flow is actually much quicker than many alternative systems and will improve over time.
  • Does the filter expiry light work? Don't worry about this too much, we have had reports that it can be unreliable. Expect to replace your filter around the 3 month mark (dependent on use and your tap water), but you will also realise when the water loses its optimum taste. The filter will also become more soiled over time.
  • Does the system need cleaning? Not a huge amount. We recommend a thorough clean round of the emptied tanks preferably monthly, but at least at filter change time.
  • Is it safe to leave standing water in the system without use? If you do go away for a few days it is best to flush the system through.
  • There is a leak around the tap area. Make sure the tap mechanism is securely tightened. There is a white plastic bolt mechanism on the inside of the lower tank that should be hand tight (sometimes loosening it before re-tightening will improve the seal).
  • How do I replace the filter? First remove and discard the outer plastic cellophane of the new filter. Remove the grey cap and the foam pre-filters in the top of the filter. Soak the foam items and the main unit in a container of tap water for several hours or overnight. Take off the top half of the Waterfall and gently release the old filter by pushing it back up through the hole. Put the top half of the Waterfall back in position. Reassemble the new filter replacing the foam parts and clicking the grey cap back into place. Push the filter into the hole in the bottom of the top half of the Waterfall and push it firmly in place avoiding the stones in the bottom half of the Waterfall and ensuring a solid seal is made with the purple rubber washer around the top of the filter. Flush the whole system through several times with tap water before use. For a full visual demo please see the video in the next bullet point.  
  • I've forgotten how to put the system back together. Key things to note are the filter unit sits in the hole in the top tank but must be gently pushed down so that the purple rubber seal sits snug and prevents tap water leaking into the bottom tank without passing through the filter. The stones sit around the edge of the bottom tank not impeding the well in the centre where the bottom of the filter is located (the filter does not touch the bottom of the tank or the stones). A full video on set up and filter changes is here
  • Can I recycle the old filters? Yes, the filter can be opened and the contents can be used in the garden or plant pots and the empty plastic container recycled in your normal recycling. It is worth retaining a spare grey cap in case of breakage or loss.
  • Can I use the water for pets and plants? Yes, the water is nutrient rich "living" water appreciated by all living things.
  • Where do I get replacement filters or parts? Please contact Nicki who will be able to order these. You can also set up an autoship function where your filters will be automatically delivered (there is a discount on the price).
If you have any questions at all about your Waterfall please contact Nicki on (0044)77864 05366 or

About the Author

Nicki Edgell

I am a clinical Psycho-neuro-immunologist, Metabolic Balance Coach, Natural Nutritionist and Independent Nikken Consultant. I practice in Brighton in the South of England, helping individuals and groups towards the health, vitality and the life they want for themselves. I work under the principle that wellness depends on a balanced holistic approach to living, in all areas of your life: your body, mind, family, community and financial health all have an impact on your wellbeing.


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