Friday, 13 April 2018

The Nikken Waterfall - On Sale This Month

Nicki Edgell
We are very pleased to offer the Nikken Waterfall water filter on special offer until 30th April 2018. With a usual RRP of £372 you can now save 30%  with a special offer price of £255 plus p&p of £10.20 (UK prices).

"Be healthy by choice, not by chance." Independent Nikken Consultant Dr. G. Lindner 

This amazing water filter not only takes out the nasties typically found in tap water including pesticides, chemicals, chlorine, heavy metals and plastics, but adds back essential minerals and electrolytes too, turning your tap water into delicious pure natural spring water.

"Once you have tasted Nikken Pimag water you won't go back to tap." J. Edgell 

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The Importance of Momentum

Nicki Edgell

Many of our Nikken Partners are over-the-top enthusiastic as the month of March was their biggest month ever!  One reason is our new policy change where ALL retail product orders including personal retail orders count towards rank advancement and leadership qualification.  This is a very big deal that will change everything!  Combining this with the special Waterfall offer (£117 off this month) is a recipe for accelerated growth!

It’s going to get even better when our new IT system is implemented.  The whole plan is to be rolled out during the Orlando Leadership Summit

If you want to develop wealth, the way to do it is through your own business.

The moment you view yourself as a business owner, everything will change for you.  Imagine waking up each day excited about the future you are building for yourself and your loved ones.  Whether March was ‘your best month ever’ -or not quite... get around those leaders who are ‘momentum makers’ and do what they’re doing.

Let’s keep the momentum going.  Follow up with those people who bought waterfalls, thank them for their business, ask them if they are sharing the water with their friends.  Who might they know who would enjoy delicious healthy water?  Are there other products they would be interested in such as Jade Greenzymes or the Cocoon?  Every business loves referrals!

Leaders are Momentum Makers! 

"Momentum is a leader’s best friend.  Many times the only difference between winning and losing is momentum.  Emotions are contagious – the more powerful the emotion the more contagious it is.  Think in terms of the furious jubilation at any sports event or a battle cry at the front line of an advance.  The quicker that emotion can transmit from one person to another, the more the idea will spread.John Maxwell

Group Momentum Starts with Personal Momentum

  • Understand the value of momentum.
  • Figure out what the motivating factors are and push those buttons. What do you cry about?What do you sing about? What do you dream about?
  • Remove the de-motivating factors and demotivating people – get rid of the negative stuff.
  • Protect Momentum!  It’s easier to keep the ball rolling than starting a ball from a standstill.
  • Recognize and honour people who carry the ball forward.
  • Schedule times for celebration.
All leaders have the ability to create a sense of urgency, to get people to act on the things they need to act upon.  Creating a feeling to move, to act now…

The only way I can create a sense of urgency in your life, is to have it in my life.  I’ve never known a lazy person, or a procrastinator, who created a sense of urgency in another’s life.  It’s an urgent person who creates urgency….

So what are you urgent about?  What are you passionate about that you really want to make sure it happens, so you make sure you get to it so you can make it happen?  Whatever that is… that’s urgency!

"If you have it within you, then you can pass it onto others." John Kotter

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Save Your Skin, Save The Planet

Nicki Edgell

If what you put inside your body is important you should also consider what you put on your skin too. Many cosmetic beauty products are produced in laboratories and still contain chemicals and skin irritants including parabens (preservatives) and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLSs). The foaming agents in toothpastes and aluminium salts in anti-perspirants contain hidden ingredients that are toxic to the body. Some are probable or known human carcinogens.

60% of anything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body and ends up in your system.

The skin is our largest organ. It is a barrier to pathogenic threats and at the same time helps eliminate toxins and to regulate our temperature. But the heavy use of synthetics in personal care products strips our skin of its natural defences and gives rise to issues like eczema and asthma.

8 million people in the UK have a form of skin disease and almost 1 in 2 at least one allergy. 

Cosmetic products are also bad for the planet with both the chemicals from our bathing being flushed into our water systems and the physical waste caused by the plastic containers. There is currently a lot in the news about the pollution of our seas highlighted by the recent BBC Blue Planet II. 

A third of fish caught off the coast of South West England and 100% of oysters and mussels from Northern France contain traces of plastic.

Many products are known to contain microbeads which are manufactured minute solid petrochemical plastic particles used in exfoliating personal care products, toothpastes, and in biomedical and health-science research.

It is estimated that at present wastage rates the sea will contain more plastic than fish by 2050.

Use Genuine Organic Skincare Products

Nikken's True Elements® Marine Organic Skin Care is a complete line of products that are derived from seaweed types abundant in natural minerals. These are well absorbed by skin and in combination the different ingredients can work synergistically to offer remarkable benefits.

Harvested from a UNESCO world biosphere reserve, the seaweeds are grown naturally and sustainably to respect the environment. The ingredients are extracted within 24 hours close-by on the shore using the latest specialist technology to protect the plants from damage during harvesting, and to ensure that all the active elements are retained to nourish and enhance your skin for a truly premium experience.

A vital part of great-looking skin is hydration, in which seaweed excels. All of the True Elements range contain specific formulations of enriching marine extracts that help naturally stimulate skin cells to absorb more water, keeping your skin looking nourished and fresh 24 hours a day – perfect for use with Nikken’s PiMag® water systems for drinking and showering.

True Elements is certified organic by Ecocert, a distinction that very few products — even those labelled as “organic” — can claim. This provides a level of assurance important to consumers who understand that skin care is also health care.

Nikken skincare range is certified free from:

• GMOs
• Mineral Oils
• Parabens
• Phthalates
• Phenoxyethanol
• Synthetic colorings
• Synthetic fragrances

Protect Your Water Supply 

Nikken produces a drinking water filter and a shower unit to ensure both the water you drink and that which you absorb through your skin while showering is pure and clean.

Tiny pieces of plastic have been found in over 90% of the world’s most popular bottled water brands.

The Nikken drinking water filter, the Pimag Waterfall, is on special sale in our European and US markets until 30th April 2018:


Sunday, 4 March 2018

Humans Being More

Nicki Edgell

Nikken offers an annual one day self improvement and life coaching training known as Humans Being More.  At only £50 for the day this is an incredibly good value course. Coming up in three weeks on the 25th March this is an amazing opportunity to take control of your life.

Make a decision today to invest in yourself and your future!

Date: 25th March 2018
Time: 10am, all day
Location: Aurora Hotel, Crawley, UK
Attendees: Approx. 30
Cost: £50
To book: Please call Nicki on (0044)7786 405366
Open to All

Please note this course is run by Nikken but is open and relevant to all. You will come away inspired and motivated to achieve your life goals whatever they may be.

Humans Being More training is an opportunity to connect with your very best self and make those choices that will create the results you most seek in life. In one information and energy packed day, you will have the opportunity to create a road map for an abundance of balance and success in the coming year.

The workshop focuses on the following ideas:

1. Exploring your own life direction and core beliefs.
2. Discovering the power of committed choices.
3. Improving your communication skills.
4. Eliminating limiting beliefs and reaching your full potential.
5. Developing empowering beliefs that support your choices.
6. Creating plans of actions that are comprehensive.
7. Getting clarity about, and choosing, the results that matter most.

Sections of the class:

1. Creating additional balance in life in The Five Pillars of Health (5 areas of life priorities).
2. Identifying new results in each of the five pillars that would create more satisfaction in life.
3. Setting realistic, attainable, motivating goals based on those chosen results.
4. Increasing ones commitment to those things that matter most.
5. Focusing on the values that will most powerfully support you in achieving results.
6. Understanding the benefit of support from others in creating your best life.

The workshop uses a variety of devices from partner work, groups discussions, storytelling, interactive games, and personal contemplation in order to meet the objective of re-introducing you to the very best of yourself and creating the future that would be most fulfilling.

"I came away from the HBM training with a 90 day goal to self-publish my first short story. This I achieved followed by 3 more in the next 90 days!" JE, Brighton

Not sure? Have a listen below to Mr "The Secret" himself, Bob Proctor, on what he thinks of the HBM training.

Take action today and come and join me on this life enhancing training this month!

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