Thursday 31 December 2015

Free Web Tools from Google

Nicki Edgell

Google Webmaster Tools vs Google Analytics. What's the Difference

I received a couple of questions following up to last week’s  post on Google Analytics asking what the difference is between Analytics and Google’s Webmaster Tools. There are some pretty significant differences between the two. So I figured be  it was a good week to define what exactly Webmaster Tools is.
Google Webmaster Tools is another free tool provided to improve and optimize websites by giving a clear picture of exactly what is going on within the site. While this may seem similar to what Analytics does, there are distinct differences between the two. Only using one piece leaves a great deal of important information on the table that could be used to leverage more traffic and more sales from a website.

As I said last week,  Google Analytics is meant to give a picture of who is coming to a website, how many hits a site gets, how people are finding the site and what content is popular.Webmaster tools differ in that they are designed to provide a picture on how a website is seen by a search engine. Specifically, Webmaster Tools provides the following information: 
  • Crawling- Gives information on which pages search engines are unable to crawl. If a search engine cannot crawl a website, site rankings are shot. It also gives the ability to tell Google not to index certain private pages that should not be accessible to the public.
  • Search Results- Google gives an insight into how many searches returned pages from your site, the total number of pages shown in search results, number of times a search result ended in a click-through, percentage of time a web search resulted in a click-through and the average position a website is showing up on searches. This is all essential information for anyone doing any sort of SEO or Adwords campaign as it gives insight into if the campaign is working or if changes need to be made.
  • Links- As I’ve said many times, Links are essential for a successful website. Webmaster tools can show if there are broken links pointing back to a website. These links can then either be fixed or removed. It can also show how many internal links each page has. Internal links are a great way to get some love from Google, knowing which page Google feels is the most important can be extremely valuable.
  • Site Configuration- Submitting a sitemap to Google is a good way to ensure all of the pages to a website are indexed by Google. This may not seem too important, however if a page is not indexed, there’s no way someone can find it in a search. This means less traffic to a website. There are also features included such as the ability to choose which sitelinks show up in a Google search and how to notify Google if the URL to a website is changing.
  • Diagnostic problems- Webmaster Tools will send out a notification if the website becomes infected with malware, giving a heads up to get that cleaned up and keep a site from being blocked by Google. In addition, it can also point out any errors within the HTML on the website and give insights into the load times of a website.
These are just some of the things that Google Webmaster Tool offers. Overall, this free tool  is incredibly valuable to have in your website tools. Choosing not to take full advantage of this can prevent you from seeing vital information on a website. Don’t delay, add it today and you will see the differences very quickly. 

Thursday 17 December 2015

Why everyone should wear magnets (7 min soundcloud)

Nicki Edgell

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Introducing the Wellness Home

Nicki Edgell
Where you live profoundly affects your physical and mental wellbeing. Nothing has a more constant, day-to-day influence on your health. However for most of us the world we live in is a world of constant stress. Our workday is demanding, our schedule is busy and does not leave us with enough time to eat properly, exercise regularly or just relax. On top of that we are faced with pollution and environmental hazards — even inside our homes. That puts our health at great risk.

A Nikken Wellness Home provides benefits in body and mind for the entire family, and helps us to deal successfully with the challenges of modern life. A Wellness Home is created when adequate attention is given to each of the core aspects of living. These are not only individually significant, but also mutually dependent. When these areas are balanced, the result can be a dramatic improvement in your quality of life.

It is easy to turn your home into a Wellness Home. All Nikken products integrate very easily into the way you already live and become a regular part of your normal lifestyle. Please contact me if you'd like to learn more.

Nicki Edgell
Independent Nikken Consultant

Wednesday 11 November 2015

Revitalising your Chi

Nicki Edgell

The human body runs on electrical energy and depends on having an adequate supply to re-charge and re-energize cells. Chi, vital energy, should circulate freely throughout the body. When this occurs the body is able to cope with stress, detoxify and maintain the balance of life known as homeostasis. 

However in today's society people are suffering because the stress response is repeated many times a day and dealing with this constant condition saps energy. Consequently we feel drained, tired, depleted and everything is an effort. When energy reserves are compromised one is more susceptible to disease. Aging is the result of a general loss of electrical vitality (energy) in the body.
How different do you feel about going into work on a Monday morning when you've had a good night's sleep? 
When we have energy we feel good, great, wonderful and able to accomplish anything. We are more readily able to cope with what life throws at us and things don't get us down so easily. Understanding how to increase and maintain the energy supply in one's body allows one to slow down the aging process and to live a more healthy life.

Ways to increase energy and promote health are to eat fresh organic foods, use whole-food organic supplements, get quality sleep for recovery, breathe fresh air, drink pure energized water, have a positive attitude, reduce environmental toxins at home and protect oneself from the EMF's (electro magnetic fields) of modern technology (cell phones, computers, wi-fi, microwaves and florescent lights). Taking a period of silence during the day will slow down your organs, calm your brain and increase your awareness.

Monday 9 November 2015

The Real Cost Of Bottled Water

Nicki Edgell

Sunday 8 November 2015

Nikken Water - Your 24/7 Doctor

Nicki Edgell
#Nikken water - it's a no brainer - such an easy passive way to improve your health. You have to drink anyway, why not drink stuff that's actually going to rehydrate and energise you? It tastes great too, and works out cheaper than bottled. Great for offices too.

The Nikken Water Filter - Available from

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