Monday 25 April 2016


Nicki Edgell

I’m not a Buddhist, but I totally get what they mean about impermanence being at the very center of human existence.

Not that I’ve mastered the ability to live with it. Nope. I still spend far too much time, trying to make the moments last longer than they should, trying to relive the past, trying to make the future arrive quicker. I think we all suffer from that.

Then again, Impermanence does have its advantages in business. If you’re having a bad day, hey, at least it’ll soon be over.

And if you’re having a spectacular time of things, hey, at least it won’t last long enough for you to stop learning.

The ups and downs of the business are good training for living in the moment, living in Impermanence.

It teaches you to care a lot more about what you can do today, or meeting this month’s payroll, than say, pining for the old days, when it was just you and your partner in a garage; or happily daydreaming about sitting on your yacht in some amazing future scenario.

It makes you live NOW.

This explains why in some of the best performing companies like Facebook or Google, "Mindfulness" (A secular, scientific version of Buddhism) is such a hot new subject. Happy workers living in the moment are more valuable than miserable workers watching the clock.

I believe these years are the best time ever to go into business. But like the drawing implies, don’t get too attached to them.

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Saturday 9 April 2016

The Water Test

Nicki Edgell

There is a fairly well known picture doing the rounds on the interweb, showing the effects of various waters including Nikken water on plant life. We decided to conduct our own experiment. The above jars contain one carrott sitting in, left to right, Tap water, Bottled water, and Nikken Pimag water, respectively. The picture was taken after six weeks. The water was not changed but was occasionally topped up.

Although the tap water faired well at first the growth started to die after about 3 weeks. There is also no root growth in the jar and the majority of the carrott has turned to soft mush. The pimag jar shows healthy strong green growth plus strong roots and a still solid carrott standing up in the jar. The bottled water was a total failure with no growth whatsoever and a carrott that disintegrated into an indistinguishable smelly mouldy mush very quickly.

The experiment was repeated with a potato with the same results - first place Pimag, second place Tap, and trailing in a distant last, Bottled. Seems bottled is probably even worse than tap water.
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