Friday 28 April 2017

An Invitation to Join Me in What I Do

Nicki Edgell

My team is currently busy inviting people to my next wellness seminar, to be held in Brighton on 11th June (promo leaflet above). The event will introduce guests to a) the products my network marketing company Nikken distribute and b) the business opportunity available for those that join the network.

What May be the Initial Reaction of People Invited?

I guess in many cases it can be a combination of the following:

I don't really like my job, but I have to do it as I need the money. Is this just a fly by night scheme? Is it a pyramid scheme? I'm busy this weekend, but I'll try to come. Is it sales, as I don't want to do sales, am no good at it, and couldn't do it anyway? Why is it free? You don't get anything for free - what's the catch? Will it be like one of those timeshare meetings where the doors are barred, or even worse a cult or something where I'll be brainwashed? I'm perfectly healthy already. I've heard bad things about network marketing. Is it just a way to make a quick buck off your friends and family?You have sales targets? Is the company sound? Do you have to do cold calling? Do you need special skills or training? Is it a scam? Are the products scientifically proven? Is it just for the benefit of those at the top? Is it a hard sale? Will I be badgered ever more? Can I say no?

This may be the initial reaction of some people reading this article. But if you have got this far, please read on and see if this changes. Even better, please comment below.

The Gig Economy

Sure, some of these things crossed my mind over the years - both when I was first invited to a similar seminar, and subsequently when I was building my business.  But I think the network marketing industry has changed a lot. Particularly with the internet now, the ways of doing things, and the opportunities to build a business have changed. There are many well known advocates of the business model such as Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki. The workplace has changed. People these days are less willing to put up with long hours, grumpy bosses and poorly paid jobs. People want some control, some return, some satisfaction.

Many people now work in what is termed the "Gig Economy" and have a "portfolio" of jobs. The internet is awash with articles, posts, videos and memes about following your dreams. It is what I advocate for my children and I couldn't imagine them working 9 to 5 in an accounts or legal office, or in a job they don't like forever watching the clock in a futile attempt to pay the bills.

It is plain to see that there is no longer the causation association between long hours and hard work, and success and happiness, that there may have been a few decades ago. Plenty of people live financially abundant and happy lives without stressfully working towards an early grave never seeing their partners or families.

A New Way of Working

How do they do it? The ones that abundance appears to come easily to? Well some may have inherited wealth for sure. Some may have income earning assets. Some may have residual income or intellectual rights income or passive income. Whatever the reason, not many will have achieved this happy state of affairs through a wage. Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, goes as far to suggest that "wage slaves" are just "losers"! Indeed how many people do we know who just wait for pay day (as if that is some sort of nirvana) before they think they can do anything and then a few days later are just as poverty conscious as ever? How many people do you know who appear to live (or believe they live) from hand to mouth every month?  How many have a "thank god it's Friday" mentality and like the Boomtown Rats pop song from my youth "really don't like Mondays"? How many people repetitively pay lip service to this attitude and complain about their lot without ever doing anything about it - actually appearing to revel in it like it is some badge of honour?
Don't work harder, work smarter.
At Nikken we believe another way to escape this depressing cycle can be network marketing. The key here is the potential is limitless. There is no limit imposed on your earnings by time. If you have a network, you can earn while you are asleep. You can earn all over the world. You can earn while having a cappuccino in your favourite cafe or walking in the woods. Through duplication and the internet you can leverage your skills exponentially. There are millionaires in Nikken. Are there any millionaires in your office? On the flip side is there anything to lose if it doesn't work out? Not really.
The worse way to make money is trading your time. Leveraging time and compounding effort is the way to make money in this world.
Hear what Nikken leader Julie Tara has to say about her love for network marketing and how Nikken has provided the vehicle for the life she wants to live here.

My office this morning

Why Do I Think People Should Be Interested / Why Do I Do It?

The two questions are the same thing really. The reasons I do what I do are the same reasons I think others would be interested.
My motivation is to spread wellness and health as wide as possible, but also at the same time to secure a financially abundant future that will allow me the life I want to lead. 
A quick brainstorm on the positive benefits of my venture into network marketing yields the following thoughts:

I enjoy it. I have more confidence. I love meeting people. I have a new found interest in people, knowledge and self development. I have grown. I have learnt many new skills. I have access to world class training and webinars. I present in front of rooms full of people with passion and enthusiasm. I have a purpose and a calling. A why and a point. I'm happier!

Business training with former Nikken CEO Ben Woodward, Crawley, Feb 2017

My health is better - not only do I encourage others in their health, I benefit from using my company's products myself (which is the reason I started in the first place). This is entirely through my own choice and for my own and my family's benefit. The self consumption model of network marketing is no longer valid or legal and I run a genuine retail business with customers all over the world. It cost me practically nothing* to start (unlike setting up most businesses there is practically no financial risk - Nikken takes care of stock, orders and delivery) and I now earn a significant monthly income.

Do I work hard? Yes! But it's fun. My distinction between work and play has now almost disappeared. But that doesn't matter as I love what I do. So my "work" (I'd prefer to call it my purpose) continues over the weekends, and when I'm on holiday, and when I'm at dinner parties. It doesn't feel like work as I am just having conversations in a natural way.
Consultants who have been in Network Marketing for a while sometimes say they spend a time working for less than what they think they are worth, followed by a period where they are earning more than what they think they are worth.
People want to know what I do. People ask and I tell. They are often intrigued. People think I (and many of my colleagues) look 10 years younger than I am. It's almost like they want to know what my secret is. There's a good chance my health, vitality and wellbeing is to do with my secret! Is it a coincidence? Yes, maybe? Maybe I've been found out! The products I sell are not medical and are not for any medical conditions, some can not be explained scientifically and no Doctors would endorse them when they can sell you a drug instead. (Except the Doctors that do endorse them that is!).  Any benefit is purely a happy coincidence (please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this article and get in touch - only if you are willing to risk a natural solution with no side effects!).
How does it work anyway? Very well!
And it's not only me. I attract like minded people and they join my team and the momentum of the business grows. In turn they attract further like minded people and the network grows further naturally and organically. There is synergy. We feed off each other. We share ideas. We have frequent "business" meetings, skype calls, networking events, and training. These are often at any time in any place! I have access to inspirational leaders and entrepreneurs all over the world. When one of us has a bad day or a disappointment (we still have them sometimes of course) there are others there to lift us up. We believe in the Law of Attraction and the Power of Intention. Hence I'm constantly surrounded by inspiring, energetic, optimistic, amazing people. How many of us can say that about our jobs?

Natural Selling Workshop with Michael Oliver in Crawley, January 2017

Does everyone feel like this? No, not necessarily, but you tend to know pretty quickly if it's for you and if you are of a certain disposition the chance is there. Do I have to reach sales targets? In a way yes, but it happens naturally. Do you have to badger people constantly? Not at all. I haven't got time for that. I embrace the concept of natural selling where you let go of the outcome. I discover if there is a need and an interest. If there isn't I move on. Do you annoy your friends? No, most of my customers are strangers, but many became friends, and business colleagues afterwards!
Let go of the outcome, increase your income.
Is the company sound? Yes, our company has been going for more than 40 years. Does it sell these products to make a profit from people? This is a strange implied criticism of network marketing like it's any different from any other company that makes a profit from its customers (which is all of them unless in the charity or not for profit sector). Of course it does, and it's a strange world we live in where profiting in the alternative health field can be seen as somehow less ethical than your average High Street shop, mobile phone company, Amazon, Apple, Starbucks, or big pharma drugs company. Many huge multi national companies in the West survive on selling things we either already have, or we don't need in the first place. At Nikken we believe we are different - we supply products that everyone needs, but nobody has.

Presenting in Brighton, June 2016

So what about the market? The market is potentially huge. As the concept of selfcare gains traction at the expense of nationally supplied health services, proactively helping yourself is becoming both necessary and popular.
Be healthy by choice, not by chance.
And what about our local market? Although I live in what is regarded as quite an "alternative" city, Brighton, the local market both in Brighton and the wider UK is relatively undiscovered. My team with its developed infrastructure, experience, contacts and support is well placed at the forefront of Nikken's expansion into the UK - I believe we have a significant head start over other networks both within the Nikken family and the wider Network Marketing Health industry.


The company itself has a long history and unique patented products that cover a range of health products in sleep, water, nutrition, skincare, air, and light. These highly researched products are designed to replicate the earth's natural energies of magnetics, far infrared and negative ions, in the home.

Nikken products are designed to harness the Earth's natural elements

Consultants can offer any of these or can concentrate on a particular area. We believe that Nikken's 40 year history demonstrates a successful product range that engenders customer loyalty. To see the current product range please visit my website at
The motto of the company is Discover, Live, Share, and many people do one or more of these things in that order!
The commission plan is also unique and offers immediate rewards to new joiners at the beginning ranks. Absolutely any sales immediately qualify for a 20% commission. Not bad. On top of that there are opportunities for prizes and bonuses that can actually raise the commission to over 50%! The products are high end quality, well priced, necessary and popular. Repeat custom is common. Once people discover Nikken they rarely go back.
At Nikken we believe our Compensation Plan is one of the company's most attractive products. Network Marketing Consultants who have been in the industry for a number of years say it is the most generous they have ever seen.
Take the Pimag Waterfall Filter for example. This retails at £215. A consultant selling one of these will earn a minimum of £35.83 (20% net of VAT). What if you sold five? Or Ten? Or you had a team of colleagues all selling ten each? Subsequently users will come back to the consultant for replacement filters - repeat business. This is a by product of selling a great product that everybody loves once they have experienced it.

Have a read of this blog post 17 Good Reasons to Drink Nikken Water. Does this sound good to you? Does it make you think "I'd like to get one of those Waterfalls?" Do you think these 17 reasons are good reasons why others may like to drink Nikken water too? Could you share this knowledge in person and online? Do you think people you come across would be interested the same way you were? In other words could you encourage interest in the Nikken water the same way I do?
Discover It. Live It. Share It.
If you have answered yes to the above questions then you could join the team and "naturally sell" a quality product that in many ways sells itself, and earn £36 commission each time.

Is this Pyramid Selling?

No, pyramid schemes are illegal.

MLM (multi level marketing), Direct Selling, or Network Marketing companies can have a bad press and, sure, there are some less legitimate MLM companies but these will fall by the wayside quickly in this heavily regulated industry (there are some dodgy regular corporations too of course and many that survive on selling stuff that people don't need or have already!).

The key distinction is that a real MLM company will have genuine products that are sold to the general public. Their consultants will earn commission on their (and their teams') sales. Pyramid schemes don't have viable products and forever rely on new consultants joining, either paying an inflated joining fee and/or self consuming the company's products. There is no legitimate or sustainable business model hence pyramid schemes tend to implode quickly.

But it is pyramid shaped right? Well, sure, practically every company is pyramid shaped in respect that a few bosses are at the top earning more money than the many workers on the levels below. You could also argue that the "pyramid" structure in a traditional company is rather more rigid with less opportunities for movement upwards.

When examining a MLM opportunity ask yourself these questions:

  • what is the product(s)?
  • how are they priced?
  • is there genuine demand and sales?
  • are the products researched, developed and patented?
  • can they be sampled or tried?
  • what is the company's returns policy?
  • what is the compensation plan?
  • what do others say (reviews from both customers and consultants)?
  • what are the consultants like?  Are they really happy successful financially free people with a lifestyle you fancy?
  • do you like and trust the person introducing you?
  • what is the the financial viability of the company?
  • how long has the company has been around (at least 5 years)?
  • where is it based and operating eg. international?
  • does the company have an office and a customer service department?
  • what is its website like?
  • are seminars, training, courses and resources offered?
  • what does it cost to join?
  • is anything included in your joining fee eg. resources, online shop, website etc?
  • are there any other costs such as purchase of stock?

Who Can Join?

Do you take anyone? No, sorry. I want to work with optimistic, engaging, bright and inspiring people who love meeting people and have an interest in natural health and wellness. My team is looking for positive, spiritual, inspiring people who are interested in self development and personal growth, and are excited about helping others make a difference in their own health and lifestyle. We want to hear from people with an interest in alternative health and wellness, who are active in social media and networking, and enjoy sharing their enthusiasm with others. We are looking for good listeners with empathy and enthusiasm for sharing fantastic life changing products with integrity and enthusiasm.

Do I have to live in Brighton or the UK? Not at all, we have consultants in other parts of the UK and have just signed our first consultant in North America.

Have a look here to meet some of my team.

Is it just for women by the way? - No, certainly not! The work does lend itself to work from home Mum's and alternative health practitioners but we really want to encourage men - anyone who works in physical education, personal trainers, hotels, sports teams and clubs, large companies, health and safety, other networkers, air crew, taxi drivers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, shop workers etc - anywhere really, it doesn't matter. And couples. Many of the top leaders in the company are men. Many of the most successful business leaders are couples.

Do I have to give up my current job? No. Many people start out giving a few hours around an existing job. Like anything the more you put in, the more you will get out, and we do encourage people to start quickly and keep the momentum going, and there are extra company incentives designed to encourage this, but many will build up their businesses gradually as a secondary income.

Whatever your circumstances I'd be delighted to hear from you, in person, or via the comments below.

Some of the UK Nikken team at a training in London last weekend with US Training Director Jeff Isom

The future, your future?

Sure many people are not the finished article, but through inspirational leadership and demonstration, I can help the right people grow. It's a big part of what I do. I notice people and if there is a connection and an interest I may introduce them to what I do and ask them to join. Sometimes they say yes, sometimes no, sometimes they think about it and I hear from them again years later! And this is exactly what you would do too. Through duplication. Everyone builds their own team, of people they want to work with - you are the CEO of your own business, you decide.

My team has experienced significant growth this year and it is an exciting time for us. This has been recognised with a financial lump sum bonus in both January and February this year, plus a free holiday to Mexico through Nikken's annual Team Kaizen incentive scheme! In addition I am in the running to win another holiday to Japan. How many office jobs offer such rewards? And it can only really get better. The momentum is building and is self perpetuating. Success breeds success.

With mentors Julie Tara and Ben Woodward, Mexico April 2017

It has been a journey, I have worked hard, and many seeds flowering now were planted four or five years ago, but it can be done, and I'm determined to demonstrate this and pass on everything I have learned to my team.
Our philosophy is healthy mind, body, family, society and finances, and we strive to balance all five!
Does this sound interesting? Is it something you think you may like to know more about? Come along to my event and discover my secret and whether it may be for you? Do you know anyone else who may be interested in improving their health and/or learning about the Nikken business opportunity?

You can register on line here.

If you can't make it this time give me a call anyway and we can talk or meet. It may not lead to anything, but in my experience networking like this always leads to something, often something unexpected, and... it could change your life! You may not want to change your life of course - or you may want to change it drastically, or you may want to change it just a little. Whatever your needs we can help you make it better.

With best wishes,

Nicki Edgell
Independent Nikken Consultant
077864 05366

Come and meet the team, Sunday 11th June 10.00am, Jurys Inn, next to Brighton Train Station, easy train, easy parking, free entry

Wednesday 26 April 2017

Team Member Focus - Reiki Master Lesley Collinson

Nicki Edgell

We are delighted to welcome new team member Lesley Collinson to Nikken. Lesley is a trained Reiki Master and has a passion for helping both people and animals having run a successful canine behaviour practice for over 25 years training with some of the best names in the field of animal psychology. Practising Reiki since 2001 she become a Reiki Master Teacher in 2006.
"I sustained a life changing spinal injury at the age of 13 which has led me to explore many different therapies over the years both holistic and conventional. Reiki has by far been the most successful and powerful of those therapies in helping me and the many people and animals that I have treated."


Lesley's dog training business helps dogs and their owners. The aim is to help you to live a happy and harmonious life with your dog without the need to spend hours using complicated or harsh dog training regimes. By using simple techniques that your dog will understand Lesley can help you iron out unwanted behaviours.

Each dog training programme is designed for the individual family with their dog, and is available across the South East including Eastbourne, Hailsham, Bexhill, Heathfield, Uckfield, Crowborough and Frant.


We are  familiar with the Chinese word for energy which is Chi and the Indian which is Prana.  The word Rei means Universal and Ki means energy and is Japanese.  Reiki is a gentle non invasive therapy that works on the free flow of energy around the body much like Acupuncture, Tai Chi and Yoga.  If there is a blockage in this free flow of energy it is believed that this leads to some kind of ‘dis-ease’ manifesting.  When the energy is brought back into balance harmonising mind, body, spirit and emotions it can give the immune system a chance to do its work and heal.  This can then enable the individual to make positive life choices such as reducing the need for alcohol and tobacco, eating more healthily, taking exercise and making time for relaxation.

Reiki was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 20th century.  He was a practicing Buddhist and had a passion to relieve the suffering of his fellow man.  I am a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, but there are now other types of Reiki being practiced, it is my personal belief that the energy used in all healing therapies comes from the same source and therefore it is up to practitioner and patient to find the one that they are most comfortable with.

The practitioner is able to channel Reiki (universal energy) during a treatment and this can begin to bring the body’s energy systems back into alignment.

Lesley recommends that you begin with 4 treatments, but most people love it so much they want to keep coming back even if it is for a top up once every 2-4 weeks.
"In our busy lives it is often the only chance a person will get just for themselves to indulge in total relaxation."
Reiki is a safe and natural ancient healing technique that works well alongside conventional therapies and can assist with the stresses of modern life and all manner of problems from emotional, physical and spiritual.

Reiki can help with:
  • pain
  • muscle tension
  • healing
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • fatigue
  • arthritis
  • sleep

Reiki with Nikken

We live in a hectic world where going about our daily routines can expose us to things that knock us off balance and leave us exhausted and feeling out of sorts. Air pollution, chemicals in the water we drink, mobile phones and WiFi are all environmental factors that we are not designed to cope with, along with tough work schedules. Sometimes we need some extra help to bring us back into balance.

Founded in Japan, the Nikken vision is based on the philosophy that Total Wellness begins with prevention, and prevention begins with balanced living. Creating balance in each of the Five Pillars of Health – Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances – can result in a healthier, more satisfying lifestyle.
"I am now very excited to be able to share the range of products that I have found in Nikken as they fit with my ethos and I was amazed at how effective they are." 
The Nikken range helps alleviate the stresses of modern life by providing better sleep, quality air and water, improved exercise, and wholesome nutrition. Combining science, nature and technology the products are integrated into the Nikken Wellness Home® – a unique environment that addresses every aspect of wellness to support the health and happiness of your entire family.

To learn more about Lesley's Reiki Practice please visit here>>

Lesley's dog training business is here>>

Lesley's Nikken website is here>>

Lesley can be contacted on 07706 915716.

Friday 21 April 2017

3 Ways to Re-Balance a Stressed Nervous System by Caroline Rushforth

Nicki Edgell

Thank you to my Nikken colleague Caroline Rushforth for this guest blog post.

Having an overburdened brain seems to be the standard way of living in these mega modern times. The mind and body chime as a harmonic unit but as we try to spin all the plates, our energy withers and we become unwell. To help us along with our overwhelming routine we rely on modern technology so we can manoeuvre seamlessly between the chores of daily life, but these come at a cost to our health and most people are completely oblivious to some of the repercussions. Although technology is moving fast, our body and mind continues to beat to the evolutionary drum. So how can we work in harmony with this overflow and allow our emotional and physical well being to keep up with this state of flux?
There are of course many reasons why we may feel tired, stressed out, anxious and fatigued but here are some of the most important (and less considered) contributing factors that I have come across both with clients and in my personal life:
Positive Ions Can Affect Health (in a negative way)
Imagine walking through a forest or sitting by water, sink into the feeling and notice what you see, feel, hear. Maybe you feel calm, relaxed and at ease. Perhaps you feel thoughtful or inspirational.
This is the result of being immersed and surrounded by nature’s gift of negative ions.
So what are positive and negative ions and how do they affect my health?
Positive Ions do not have a “positive” effect on our physical and mental health, they actually weaken the body’s natural magnetic field, and there is no escape from them unless you live in a mountain cave. These positive ions emit through WiFi, mobile phones, air pollution, florescent light bulbs, microwaves, to name but a few. Too much exposure to positive Ions can cause allergies, weaken the body’s natural strength and state, create lethargy, depression, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue and more. Anxiety is proving to be more common in children and teenagers, is it because they are spending too much time on mobile phones or tablets soaking up these positive ions?
Negatively charged ions have a positive effect on our wellbeing. These are found in nature, by water, in forests and in the air that surround these environments. Negatively charged ions elevate our mood by increasing serotonin levels, they help stabilize blood pressure, increase the body’s alkalinity, accelerate physical recovery, purify and clean the air. So if you’re stuck in an office all day with little access to nature, constantly on your mobile phone or at the computer, you may want to think about taking those valuable breaks throughout the day.
Being curious about this subject myself, I decided to seek out solutions on how I could protect myself from this imbalance whilst darting around in my busy life. I discovered there are products that can be used to protect and recalibrate my body’s magnetic field whilst boosting my energy and grounding my mind. I love these products and use them on a daily basis. I wear magnetic insoles in my shoes, and have the magnetic seat cover for my office chair or when I’m driving. Both are great for keeping my energy consistent as the magnets and gentle engineering within them protect and strengthen my nervous system against these positive ions, and at the same time alleviate the aches and pains of a busy day. Both the insoles and the seat cover help to restore my energy and calm an irked nervous system after a busy day!
The technical details - why your body needs good natural sleep
Just like in nature our body needs nourishment through sleep and rest to recuperate. During sleep our eyes go into REM (rapid eye movement) which is our natural emotional processing machine. It is during this time the mind files off all the memories and experiences we’ve had during the day. Sleep allows our right and left brain hemispheres to harmonise and re-balance. When our brain hemispheres are in harmony they rationalise and communicate, we can find solutions to problems and “get over” things more quickly. After a stressful day, disrupted sleep could mean that the brain hemispheres are not firing off to each other properly, which is why some days you may feel more emotional or tired. Small things can bug you more than they normally would. An early night is the best medicine sometimes; it is good to avoid alcohol before sleep to ensure you get as much natural sleep as possible.
Gift your body with healthy hydration
When we are stressed we can often forget to eat or drink water and instead seek out stimulants such as
coffee to give us an overall energy boost. Gifting our body of good nutrition is paramount to
 self-healing. In order for the body and mind to act consistently, it needs to be given the right fuel. You couldn't drive a car with an empty tank and the same goes for the human body. In fact poor nutrition can bring on further side-effects which is counter-productive to our natural healing process. The brain, skin, muscles, organs all need regular hydration.
Research has shown that having a more alkaline lifestyle can boost physical wellbeing as our bodies can be naturally more acidic if consuming the typical modern day diet. Although it is not recommended to fully convert to everything alkaline, a general boost to having more energy could be focusing on hydration and drinking more naturally alkaline water (also known as ionised water). All water found in nature is ionized to some extent. A good recommendation I have come across is Pi water which is a naturally healthier way to drink water and very popular in Japan.
“Pi Water is the water that is very similar to your bodywater (Living Energy). Living energy means “the energy to live. Pi Water was discovered in 1964 during the study of physiology of plants by Dr. Akihiro Yamashita, a professor at the Agricultural Department, Nagoya University.”
So do you drink enough water or do you dislike the taste and dress it up in coffee or laden it with sugary cordials? Do you filter it through chemically induced plastic?
For more information on naturally filtered and ionised water click here.
If you’d like to read more about Nikken MStrides magnetic insoles click here.
For the energy enhancing Nikken Kenko Seat cover click here.
So to summarize; keep away from too much contact with technology (especially before bedtime). Get out in nature. Have lots of sleep and rest and gift your body with the right nutritional fuel! <3
Caroline Rushforth
Forth Horizons

Tel: 01273 583 987
Mob: 07881 99 88 16
Follow Me on Facebook
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