Saturday 21 May 2016

11th June is Global Wellness Day!

Nicki Edgell

I am excited to invite you to a special event I am organising on 11th June in Brighton to coincide with Global Wellness Day.

Many of us suffer with low energy, stress, overwhelm & chronic problems that we're told we have to 'live with'. But we're all wired to be well. We just need enough of the right energy in a nourishing environment.  I invite you to come and experience what that's like.

Come and drink pure, delicious, magnetically charged water. Plug yourself into the earth via the magnetic grid in Nikken's unique insoles, seats, duvets and mattress pads. 

Learn about the concept of the Healthy Home where you and your family can drink energising water, breathe fresh invigorating air and sleep deeply in a cocoon as protective as a forest cave. Give yourself the gift of sparkling health and deep relaxation.

Thank you for bringing great water into our home’ Karen, Brighton
Save the Date:  Saturday 11th June 

10.30am-4.30pm Jury's Inn, Brighton (behind Brighton Station)

Self-Care for the 21st Century

Safe ~ Simple ~ Effective
Backed by Science ~ Based on Nature ~ Used by Millions

So often it's our modern lifestyle that shuts us off from the energies that we need to recharge ourselves. But once your mind and body is grounded, hydrated and energised it can do what it does best. You'll be amazed at what it can come back from and how alert and present you'll feel. No big effort required - just put on your shoes, sit, go to bed, breathe, drink water and feel fantastic!

‘My hayfever has gone for the first time.  I tried years of drug and alternative therapies to no avail. Having the Nikken air filter by my bed and sleeping in the sleeping system has changed my quality of life radically for the better.’ Jon, Brighton.

The Seminar will bring you expert speakers, testimonials and endorsements for the technologies and solutions Nikken has to offer to reduce stress and bring about balance to all areas of your life.

Topics on the day will include:
Solving your Health Puzzle. The State of Health in the UK. Healthy Finances. Healthy Body - Stress and the link to disease symptoms. Healthy Mind - learning to love your life, clearing limiting beliefs. Sleep Solutions. Nutrition and You. Energy Solutions. Clean, Economical, Alkaline Water. Dealing with Chronic Ailments. and MORE!

Admission is FREE but places are limited:
To secure your free seat at the Seminar as my guest please email me or text and I will add your name to the Guest List.  And if you think this Seminar would be of benefit to your friends and loved ones, please do pass this email on or ask for their names to go on the Guest List.

I look forward to hearing from you and really hope I’ll see you in June.

With very best wishes

Wednesday 18 May 2016

Global Wellness Day - 11th June - The 7 Point Manifesto

Nicki Edgell
Exercise/Water/No Plastic/Organic Food/Good Deeds/Family/Sleep

Goodness Me - Things I didn't know - no. 23 - Killer Sperm

Nicki Edgell

A man's sperm constitute 3 different types:

(1) Killer Sperm constitute about 83% of all the sperm -- these are sperm that attack any sperm from another man that may be in the woman. These sperm carry a lethal dose of poison in their head, seek out foreign sperm and inject it with this poison, killing it.  Apparently after a few injections the Killer Sperm has spent all it's energy and also dies.
(2) Blocker Sperm constitute about 16% of all the sperm -- these try to block entrances and storage places so that any sperm from another man cannot reach the woman's egg.
(3) Egg Getter Sperm constitute only about 1% of all the sperm -- these are the sperm that can possibly fertilize the woman's egg if they ever get there.

Tuesday 3 May 2016

The Downward & Upward Spiral of Health & Productivity

Nicki Edgell

Words by Leo Babauta at Art by Claire Johnson

The bad news about health and productivity habits is that if you start to slip up, things can slowly spiral downward.
If you are tired, you can’t focus on your important work, you don’t make time for exercise or cooking healthy food, so you grab some fast food, you veg out in front of the TV. This doesn’t lead to better energy the next day, but it does lead you to feel worse and worse about yourself.
When you feel worse about yourself, you want to comfort yourself with more unhealthy food. You don’t feel motivated to exercise or be productive.
Things spiral downward, until you feel hopeless and out of control.
The good news about these habits is that they can also spiral upward.
If you take a positive step, like going for a walk, you feel pretty good about it. That gives you the inspiration to eat a healthy meal. Now you’re cranking out emails and important tasks. You’re motivated to take care of yourself and turn your life around, so you start paying attention to sleep. You start flossing. You try some meditation. You feel great!
Things start to spiral upward, and you feel like you’re capable of change.
I’ve experienced both kinds of spirals myself, and have seen both kinds in so many people. The upward spiral makes you feel amazing, and changes your entire life. I recommend that one.

Turn Your Spiral Upward

Here’s the key: ask yourself which spiral you’re on right now.
Are you on the upward spiral? Keep going! Make one small change at a time, continue to help yourself feel better and better, work on your habit and mindfulness skills, and you’ll only get better at this over time.
Are you on the downward spiral? Ah, well, it’s good to recognize that. And it’s important to remember that you can turn it around. I turned my spiral upward, and many others have too. You can do this.
How do you turn your spiral upward? Here’s what I recommend:
  1. Take just one small step. Go for a short walk and clear your head. Start taking short walks every day, and make time for them. See how you feel, and if it makes you feel better, celebrate!
  2. Keep taking tiny steps. You don’t need to change your entire life. You just want to start moving in the right direction. One little step at a time. It can just be the same kind of step (just keep drinking water for a couple weeks, just keep doing 2-minute meditations in the morning for a couple weeks). But the important thing is to keep doing them.
  3. Clear up space and energy. This won’t work if you overload yourself, so try to move in a direction that gives you more time and energy. For example, if you slowly cut out time-wasters and instead go for a walk when you’re feeling anxious, you’ll have more time in the day to get things done or exercise or cook. If you start going to sleep earlier and cutting out devices before you sleep, you will feel more rested the next day. This helps you feel better for more small steps.
  4. Focus on learning and skill improvement. As you take these steps, you’re not just making progress towards a health or productivity goal … you’re developing habit skills. You’re learning about how your mind and body work. You’re learning about mindfulness and motivation and how your environment can be changed to help you function better. Keep learning, keep getting better, no matter what your progress is.
  5. Keep on the path, even if you stumble. Things will not go perfectly. You’ll hit some bumps, and many people are tempted to give up, to let go of their upward spiral. This can lead to another downward spiral. Instead, learn the skill of getting back on the path, taking another small step, and correcting course.
So a downward spiral can be turned around, if you can find the tiniest motivation to take the smallest step. Your motivation might be simply that you don’t want to keep going down this downward spiral — you can visualize where your life will end up if you don’t move in a different direction, and you don’t want that for yourself.
It can be turned around, with one small step, but you have to want it. And you have to take that step.

Monday 2 May 2016

The Answer is 29 - Alien Intelligence and Drake's Formula

Nicki Edgell

Chichester, W. Sussex, UK, June 1979

The other day I caught the end of one of those Horizon documentary type BBC programmes where they were talking about time and space and a thing reproduced below called Drake's Formula.

N = R_{\ast} \cdot f_p \cdot n_e \cdot f_{\ell} \cdot f_i \cdot f_c \cdot L

This formula calculates the probability of intelligent life elsewhere in our universe.

The variables in the formula relate to such things as the number of new stars born each year, the percentage of these that have planets, the percentage of the planets that have conditions conducive to life as we understand it (water, light etc), the proportion that actually develop life, and in turn how much of that life becomes "intelligent" - intelligence (a debatable concept in itself) in this context meaning the ability, and will, to send communications signals across space (in the form of radio waves).

Not surprisingly the variables are subject to plenty of conjecture and a wide range of figures can lead to huge variations in the "answer", from zero to thousands, meaning the formula has been used more to encourage debate rather than provide a true estimate. We, of course, don't really know... yet.

But would it really be possible that there would be no other intelligent life out there when you consider the vastness of the universe - 92 billion light years across at the last count and still growing (consider our own star, the Sun, is only 8 light minutes away and our own galaxy contains 100 billion stars). And this is just our "local" area, our single galaxy, the Milky Way;  there are billions of other galaxies out there too. In all it has been estimated that there are more stars in the sky than grains of sand on earth - just think about that - billions and billions of Suns each likely to have planets. Just by the pure chance of overwhelming numbers there must be other life out there. This is the nature of infinity, or near infinity. It is the same argument that says if you put a monkey in front of a typewriter it will reproduce a Shakespeare play word for word if given long enough.

But there is an intriguing factor that I had not considered before. The L in the formula above stands for the lifetime of civilisations. Not only do the civilisations have to exist, they also have to co-exist at the same time in order to communicate. Studies of historical intelligent civilisations here on Earth have suggested the lifespan of a civilisation can be as low as 300 years (subject to various degrees of reappearance and abilities to learn from past knowledge or mistakes) - a sobering thought as our current civilisation apparently accelerates towards self-destruction.

What do I think? Well by feeding in my own figures through an interactive calculator online using the best scientific consensus I could find for each variable, and a fairly modest figure for L, I came up with the figure 29 - that's 29 alien civilisations out there apparently. Will we make contact in my lifetime? Probably not - a single lifetime is but a blink in the 14 billion year history of our universe but it will surely come one day.
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