Thursday 30 January 2020

The Kenko Ground (ing) Mat - FAQs

Nicki Edgell

The new Nikken KenkoGround® - FAQs

Q. What is grounding?
A. Grounding (or Earthing) refers to connecting with the Earth. The Earth has its own energy in
the form of a mild ‘negative’ charge. In our daily lives we build up a ‘positive’ charge in our cells.
Direct contact with the Earth, such a walking barefoot, can help cancel out the positive charge -
restoring a healthy natural balance.
Now with rubber-soled shoes, synthetic flooring etc., you’re insulated from the earth, making it
hard for your body to return to neutral.

Q. How does grounding work?
A. Connecting with the Earth’s negative charge can help:
i. Reduce and redirect unwanted positively charged free electrons. Our body is known to
absorb the electrons from being surrounded by strong sources of electromagnetic fields (EMF)
emitted from electrical devices such as computers, mobile phones, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to name
a few.
ii. Help shield against EMF. By being grounded we greatly reduce the levels of electrical pollution,
as we are efficiently shielded by the Earth’s natural energy.

Q. How can I ground myself?
A. The simplest way to be grounded is to go outside and to walk barefoot or have direct contact
with the earth (soil, grass, sand and the sea). To be grounded while indoors, the KenkoGround®
offers the same connection to the Earth via the domestic mains ground.

Q. Can the KenkoGround® be used together with magnetic products?
A. The KenkoGround® can be used together with magnets. That way you get the benefit from the
Earth’s magnetic field as well as protection from electrical pollution.

Q. Is the KenkoGround® different from other products on the market?
A. The KenkoGround® is unique because of its high concentration of reflective fibers as well as the
way the Silver Ions are implanted into the material through a specific ‘spluttering’ technology.
This technology provides a high efficiency of conduction. On top of the silver layer, there is a
silicon based coating which protects the product and makes it water resistant.

Q. What are the KenkoGround’s benefits and features?
A. It’s very portable. Easy to use. Can be hand washed. Contains reflective fibers to help with heat
control. High efficiency of conduction. Controls the negative effects of electromagnetic fields.
Improves sleep quality and overall wellbeing.

Q. Can I roll or fold the KenkoGround®?
A. You can roll the KenkoGround®. However, you should avoid stretching or wringing the product
as this could damage the silver in the product. It is also important that you wait for at least an
hour after using body lotions, oils or aromatherapy oils on your skin.

Q. How do I use the product?
A. You can place the KenkoGround® on the floor under your feet, over your shoulders, sit or lay on
it. The important thing is that you have bare skin connecting with the KenkoGround. It only
needs to be a very small area of direct contact to benefit from the product.

Q. How long do I need to stay grounded to feel the benefits?
A. Everybody is different - some may feel an immediate benefit. However, the more time you can
spend grounded the better. Ideally, use the KenkoGround® whenever practically possible and
particularly when near powerful electrical equipment such as a computer.

Q. Is it ok to combine grounding with medication / alternative medicine / complementary
A. Grounding is as natural as walking barefoot on Earth, but of course we would always advise
that you consult a medical doctor.
Use of the KenkoGround® may affect physiological functioning of an individual’s body in a variety
of ways. Individuals taking medication to thin the blood, regulate blood sugar, control blood
pressure or to supplement thyroid activity should consult a medical doctor prior to usage, then
monitor their medication after usage.

Q. How does grounding work via the domestic mains?
A. In most modern homes the wiring system is permanently grounded to a metal rod driven into
the ground. This is connected to the breaker box, which is where all domestic wiring connects
to including the earth pin on the mains socket.

Q. Is a mains earth connection present in all countries?
A. In the UK a mains earth connection is required by law and is almost universally
present. However, we recommend that you test the sockets in your property with a socket
tester (available at most electrical retailers) to verify a correct earth connection and properly
wired socket.
European countries also have an earth connection, although the style of socket varies, with
some having a pin which sticks out of the socket (e.g. France), while others having a spring
connection at the top and/or bottom of the socket (e.g. Germany). There are a couple of
exceptions including Switzerland, Denmark and Italy. (The KenkoGround® adaptor is not suitable
for these countries).

Q. Is it safe to ground myself via a domestic electrical outlet?
A. Yes. The cord for the KenkoGround® has a built in protection resistor and the adaptor has an
earth connection. In the very unlikely event that a mains socket was miss-wired, the
protection resistance would limit the current to a safe level and prevent a noticeable electric
shock. If a mains socket was miss-wired, then you would not be grounded and so we
recommend the use of a socket tester if you have any doubt about the state of your mains

Q. When grounding via a mains outlet, does the socket need to be switched on?
A. Grounding uses no live current / power; it connects only with the safety line to earth. The
socket should be switched off while KenkoGround® is connected to reduce electrical usage.

Q. How long do I need to stay grounded to feel the benefits?
A. Everybody is different - some may feel an immediate benefit. However, the more time you can
spend grounded the better. Ideally, use the KenkoGround® whenever practically possible and particularly when near powerful electrical equipment such as a computer.

The KenkoGround is COMING SOON - please contact me with your interest. 

The KenkoGround HAS ARRIVED - available from this link.

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