Saturday 22 December 2018

Festive Greetings

Nicki Edgell

With the winter solstice and full moon upon us just before Christmas we are at a point of stillness in the cycle of the year.  It doesn't feel like this for many with the last minute preparations for Christmas, but if you can find 5 minutes a day to be still at this time you can bring forward into 2019 what you truly want and that which is for your highest good.

The solstice brings about the return to light and the forecast for the next 3 months through to the Spring equinox. We are entering the peace of the holy nights on Christmas Eve through to the 6th January's epiphany.  It is the most magical time of year.  If we can be still and carry our intentions for next year through these nights we will get our epiphanies.

A great time to birth a new project.

This is a great time to birth a new project.  A reset time.  Do what is congruent to you and for your highest good.  Open your heart during this time focusing on heart centred activities with family and friends.  Be still just 5 minutes a day to sit with your thoughts.

There is no need to wait until New Year to set your resolutions.

Often setting intentions happen around New Year's Resolutions.  But working with the cycle of the year, setting your intentions now and sitting with them through to the 6th January will bring more clarity for the coming year.

Below are some simple steps to help you through this holiday period with less stress and more peace and energy: eat, drink, sleep, dance and be merry!

FOOD: Make sure you have plenty of good protein with every meal.  If you are eating sugary foods, eat a bite or two of protein first to keep your blood sugar more stable.  This will help your mood remain more stable.  Good sources of stress reducing proteins are turkey, eggs and nuts.  Fantastic Xmas lunch foods are just the ticket.  Plenty of sprouts too!  Be mindful of how much sugar you are consuming.  Add warming spices to balance blood sugar like cinnamon and nutmeg.

DRINK: Make hydration a priority. When we are indoors a lot with the heating on, we often overlook hydration.  You will have so much more energy when hydrated.

SLEEP: Make getting quality sleep a priority.  The adage that everything seems better in the morning is very true if you've had enough sleep.  We repair and restore and release stress overnight.  These dark nights we ought to be partying less and sleeping more! Where you can, give yourself permission to have that early night during the holidays.

EXERCISE: Dance in your kitchen while creating wonderful meals.  Get out in the fresh air for long walks in nature.  Connecting with nature is the best way to reduce stress, and energise and boost your immune system.

RELAX and have FUN: Laughter is such a great de-stressor.  Treat yourself to a romantic comedy movie or your favourite comedy show on TV.  Find laughter where you can in social settings too.  Loneliness is the biggest stressor of all. Connection with others is such an important part of being human so say yes to social invitations.  Or if you are on your own, you could volunteer to help others over the holidays.

Wishing you a festive season of peace, health and happiness, of moving forward into 2019 with clarity, energy and excitement for the year ahead.

With best wishes


Festive Truffles Recipe

Soak a handful of dates, apricots, almonds overnight. rinse and drain.
Add vanilla essence, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange and lemon peel.
Put in a food mixer or blender and make into a paste.
Add cocoa powder (optional).
Roll into small balls.
Roll in a choice of cocoa powder, ground almond, desiccated coconut.

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