Friday 7 July 2023


Nicki Edgell

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Nikken has ceased trading in the UK and Europe (from 31st March 2023). It is therefore difficult to obtain the Nikken products and replacement parts, including the Pimag Waterfall and the replacement filters. Nikken have said they will be introducing an international distributorship and ordering system in the future to service their existing UK and European customers but this may not be until Autumn 2023. Independent Nikken consultants are still available in North and South America. Please do not attempt to buy from any Nikken shop links in this blog website which are now obsolete.


WE HAVE NOW SOURCED A NEW WATER SYSTEM for our UK customers which we believe offers a similar alternative to the Nikken system. This is available at a discount from the following link (please go to Water Products / Energy Plus):

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