Tuesday 23 February 2016

How Wide is This Market?

Nicki Edgell
Some people ask is direct selling, or multi level marketing, or network marketing, or whatever you want to call it (except pyramid selling, that's different, and illegal, and for another post) a legitimate ethical business?

Well it depends what you are selling, like any other company, business, or shop. And like any other company, business or shop, the aim is to sell something, whether it be a product or a service. So when people say "you are just selling something" what does that actually mean? Not much actually as how is that any different from the high street shop, the 7/11, the petrol station, the supermarket, Apple, Amazon, or Microsoft? Not at all, they are all "just selling something". Business is about selling things and unfortunately western society is largely based upon (and obsessed upon) what is referred rather flatteringly as "growth" but in reality means "consumption".

If people want that product or service and it's not illegal or bad for your health or the environment then that's fine. Even better is if people actually need the product or service. But much growth and consumption relies on people continuously buying or replacing things they don't need - new cars, mobile phones, upgraded software etc - none that do anything different from the previous "obsolete" models of only a few years' of age.

Is Nikken just selling stuff? Well, it is selling stuff but not just selling stuff. This stuff is beneficial to people and can save them huge amounts of time, money and heartache through their lives as part of a selfcare regime. Is this more legitimate than Apple flogging everyone a new iphone6 a few month's after the 5 comes out, or software houses reselling things to clients who have already bought them many times over, or Big Pharma rushing out untested vaccines in response to the latest false flag health scare, or Big Oil continuing to over supply the earth's rare resources propped up by Western Governments who refuse to invest in renewables? I think it is.

Nikken sells through independent consultants who have experienced the products directly themselves, many of whom work in the medical field, and are generally positive, healthy, heart centred people who want to help. The Nikken motto is "discover, live, share" and it comes in that order for the vast majority of consultants who find Nikken. One of top Nikken consultant Julie Tara's favourite sayings is "we have something nobody has but everybody needs." What more of a valid basis for a successful business could one wish for than that?

Does "nobody" have the Nikken products as Julie says? Well, outside of Japan, not many. The following figures illustrate the growth and potential of this market for anyone interested in getting in right now -

  • Sales for magnetic therapy products have reached $5 billion worldwide, including $1.9 billion in Europe according to Nikken, the World’s leader in the MLM of biomagnetics.
  • An estimated 35 million customers in 22 countries use magnet therapy products, this equates to 1 in 7 Japanese, 1 in 200 American and 1 in 10,000 European households.
  • The fastest growing market is Europe, with the United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden providing the top 3 growing markets (Nikken UK Ltd)
(figures from this article https://kiki-health.com/magnet-therapy/ )

What jumps out here is the European household figure. 9,999 households out of every 10,000 don't have any magnetic therapy products in their homes! Are we on the verge of massive growth in the market? The Nikken leadership certainly think so and are confident the fundamental changes they've made to the structure and workings of the company will place them firmly at the forefront of a new selfcare revolution.

Self Care - Take Responsibility for Your Own Health (and Finances!)

Monday 22 February 2016

The Amazing Power of Magnets in Your Shoes

Nicki Edgell

At around £15 per foot on special offer this week can you afford not to have these in your (and your family's) shoes? By recreating the earth's depleting and blocked magnetic field these amazing insoles give you protection from harmful electromagnetic waves, and extra strength and balance. Brilliant for sport or just everyday standing or sitting around whether at home or at work.

Still think wifi and mobile phones have no effect? Have a look at this short clip and see what changes when the man stands on the insoles.


Wednesday 17 February 2016

Sporting Applications of the Magnets

Nicki Edgell
Former US pro golfer John Huston won seven PGA Tour events and had more than 80 top 10 finishes in his career. At the 1998 Hawaiian Open he broke a 53-year-old record for 72-hole scoring by shooting 260, a 28-under-par performance. Huston attributed his record-breaking score to magnets that he placed in his shoes and in the cover of his mattress.

In a 2001 interview with golf journalist Bob Warters, Huston said: "I have used magnets as treatment for my injured shoulder since 1997. After playing I get a huge amount of relief from sleeping on the magnetic bed so I take it with me everywhere. The magnetic insoles in my shoes also help to keep my joints supple during my round".

Apparently some reports suggest 90% of pro golfers use magnets amongst them Jack Nicklaus, Scott Hoch, Paul Azinger, Tiger Woods, Greg Norman, Fred Couples and Jesper Parnevik.

Warters tried for himself, wearing a pair of Nikken's magnetic Kenko Insoles for a round:

"The results were remarkable. My usual post-round habit is to head straight for the bar. I then pay the consequences as I struggle to get out of my seat not through the volume of alcohol, I hasten to add, just the weariness of my limbs. Not this time. While not exactly dancing on the tables I felt fresher than I had ever felt after a round of golf and was even able to assist in the garden. Almost unheard of in this household after a round of golf.

"The Kenko Insoles, apparently gently massage your feet as you walk while tiny nodules stimulate and relax them at the same time. At £40 a pair they may appear expensive but to engender relief and give you the staying power and extra concentration to complete 18 holes, it's money well spent and worth the value of an extra club in your bag.

"Other magnetic products in the Nikken range include knee, elbow, thigh, wrist, ankle, neck and back supports from £20. I can't speak for the rest of the range but to relieve aching feet I can recommend the insoles." 

The lastest model of the Insoles are the mStrides pictured below.

Sunday 14 February 2016

Ted Aloisio's Nikken Testimonial from Blood Never Lies

Nicki Edgell
Ted Aloisio is a certified nutritional microscopist and a noted lecturer and researcher. Considered to be one of the foremost authorities on live cell microscopy, Ted has a thriving practice in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is the founder of the Microscopy Referral Network (MRN) and the Director of Veritas Health Institute.

"The established non-medical explanation as to how magnets work is that although they do not heal the body per se, they put the body in an environment which catalyses the body's natural healing mechanisms. I am not a physicist nor am I an expert in magnetics. I have seen enough studies and enough anecdotal and empirical evidence both first hand and from my clients that I am thoroughly convinced that magnetics are a viable health modality.... Nikken may not have invented magnetic technology, but I am convinced they have perfected it."

To read the full extract please click on the book cover below:

Friday 12 February 2016

There's never been a better time to get watered.

Nicki Edgell

The Lemon Test

Nicki Edgell

The lemon test shows the effect on a lemon which is left for an hour inside the Nikken Kenko duvet (half a lemon is placed in the duvet and the other half left alone). The far infrared infused material in the duvet essentially "cooks" the half lemon removing some of the acidity making it more pleasant to taste in comparison to the "uncooked" raw half.

The Nikken sleep system also contains magnets. These technologies have now been replicated in sleeping bags (as modelled in this picture).

The sleep system (duvet, mattress topper, and pillow) regulates temperature keeping you warm on cold winter nights and cool in the summer. It also works on multiple bodies simultaneously for example where one partner is always colder or hotter than the other giving both parties a more comfortable night's sleep.

Angela's Story

Nicki Edgell

Angela came to Nikken through a traumatic experience when her husband had a sudden stroke. She now works to share her experiences with other stroke victims. If you would like to contact Angela you can do so through this site or directly via angela@nikkenergy.com

 "In March of this year my fit and healthy husband had a massive stroke at the age of 41. He was paralysed on his right side, with no speech and incontinent. The prognosis was very grim - I was told that he would be severely disabled and would not be able to walk again.

I had found Nikken two weeks before his stroke and was considering which products to buy. Now I knew I had to get as many products as soon as I could for both him, and for all the family, to enable his body to heal in the right environment and to support us through this hugely traumatic time. I surrounded him in hospital with the Power Bands, the Kenko Seat, the Pimag Water, and the MStride insoles inside the Far Infrared Socks. I rolled the Magduo over his head, arm and legs. Miracles happen; my husband started to walk again within 8 weeks.

Once he returned home he also had the Sleep System and Air Purifier. His energy and strength returned. He now has boundless energy and is walking well. He is continuing to recover.

Now I really want to help as many people as possible, people who have had any kind of brain injury or chronic stress - to help them return to a balanced, thriving energetic life. It is possible, I have seen this with my own eyes!"

Angela Pinem, Brighton, UK

To listen to Angela's full interview and hear more about her amazing experience please visit  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJxx0JDGwDM

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Who Would Like to be the New Face of Nikkenergy?

Nicki Edgell
Nikkenergy, an independent team distributing Nikken products is hiring.

Many know Nikken as a pioneering magnetic technology company. Not so many realise that Nikken is also a market leader in other areas including organic skincare.

The Nikken True Elements ® range takes its inspiration from the mineral rich waters of the ocean and from the seaweeds specific to the Iroise Sea off the coast of Brittany, France.

If this area, or any other within Nikken, is of interest, we would love to hear from you.

Tuesday 9 February 2016

The Nikken Business Opportunity

Nicki Edgell

Take control of your future! You can enjoy good health and economic independence with Nikken. Live the way you have always wanted — starting today.

How do I become an Independent Nikken Consultant?

It’s easy to become a Nikken Independent Consultant.

  1. Contact Nicki through this site either by phone (0044) 7786 405366 or email or comment below

  2. She will talk you through the process and sign you up

  3. Receive your approval, and you’re set to go!
NB. Geographical location is not a barrier if you reside in any of the countries Nikken currently operates in (please check with us for further details). Our team are based in the UK but liaise worldwide through Skype. In fact we are actively seeking consultants in North America who will be able to take advantage of the infrastructure we already have in place.  

Why Nikken?

In today’s world, you can’t expect to achieve financial security by working for someone else.

With Nikken you have complete flexibility and unlimited opportunity.

Earn extra money part-time, or develop a new career. Build your own business and create a steady source of income. We give you the tools, the support, the guidance from experienced professionals.

Life as an Independent Nikken Consultant gives you the freedom to live as you wish, to earn as much as you deserve and even to make a difference in the world, helping others!

Nikken offers products in a range of wellness areas - including Jewellery, Fitness, Nutrition, Rejuvenation, and the Home. Many consultants offer all, or you may wish to specialise in one area.

Attend one of our events in London or Brighton, or complete the Consultant Application with Nicki. Learn why there has never been a better time to be an Independent Nikken Consultant!

Why Now?

There has never been a better time to become an Independent Nikken Consultant as society is becoming more and more aware of the need to find and create a healthy balance in our lives.

The wellness industry is revolutionising and taking the world by storm. People are becoming more conscious of the rise in preventative illnesses and are seeking ways and means of finding the healthy balance that will prevent and reduce the risk of these illnesses.

Nikken is proud to be a world leader in wellness technologies that demonstrate exclusive benefits. Promotion of Nikken’s philosophy of a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle will help others to improve their quality of life and contribute to healthy society.

Why Direct Selling?

Direct Selling is a business model that fits in perfect harmony with our philosophy. Nikken does not rely on conventional marketing and forms of publicity to communicate our message. We rely on the personal experiences of those that have tried and tested our philosophy, message and opportunity.

The Nikken Consultants and Customers live and apply the principles of healthy living and are examples to those around them. Sharing our experiences and beliefs help to drive customer decisions and create the desire in others to enjoy all the wonderful benefits that are on offer with the Nikken Business and Lifestyle.


Those who embrace the Nikken vision of improving lives are able to enjoy amazing rewards. Nikken offers powerful business opportunities and compensation plans that will help you create the life of your dreams! There are a number of ways in which one can earn income:

1. Retail Sales Profits
2. Personal Commissions
3. Group Commissions
4. Leadership Bonus
5. Lifestyle Bonus
6. Business 21 Club and Paragon Award
7. Travel Incentives

With Nikken you can take control of your life, be your own boss, and secure your financial independence while helping others to become more!
If this sounds of interest please contact Nicki Edgell via this site or here.

Statutory Warning: It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

Sunday 7 February 2016

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water? I'd put it on my windows but wouldn't drink it.

Nicki Edgell
At a recent Health and Wellness Convention on the Isle of Wight (where "we can rent a cottage.. if it's not too dear." Lennon & McCartney) organised by my Nikken colleague Ursula Dowd I was asked an unusual question - Would the Nikken Pimag Water system produce suitable water for my window cleaning business? I wasn't sure but suspected not given the tank is only 5 litres and in any case thought that using the delicious health giving #Pimag water for your windows would be an awful waste. The questioner went on to explain that he currently used Reverse Osmosis Water as this gave the cleanest results. I had no idea that window cleaning was so technical but apparently if you don't filter the water supply the dissolved solids in the water will leave patchy results when the windows dry. RO takes out all the particles giving the "purest" water possible.

But what about drinking this industrially treated water? There are RO systems for home use but they have some significant drawbacks. They require plugging into the electricity supply and plumbing, and waste obscene amounts of water - many systems only produce 1 litre of drinking water for every 5 litres of tap water (an 80% waste!). The filtering process is also very slow and this can be frustrating if you want to fill your kettle right now. But the biggest problem with RO water is it sure takes out everything - it takes out all the goodness too. It is effectively dead acidic water with all the bad bits AND the health giving minerals removed.
Some water filtering systems not only take out the bad stuff... they take out all the good stuff too.
You may have seen the photo below before - it's been doing the rounds on the internet for a few years and shows the effects of different waters on a sweet potato after 5 weeks. The potato placed in the RO water (2nd from the left) looks as dead as the one in Tap Water (far left). The Nikken Pimag one is on the right. This is life giving water and will certainly put hairs on your chest!

A sweet potato sitting in respectively Tap, RO, Well and Pimag, water for 5 weeks

Impressed by this photo I decided to run my own experiment and post the results below:

A carrot sitting respectively in Tap, Bottled, and Pimag, water for 5 weeks

Friday 5 February 2016

We Really Are What We Drink

Nicki Edgell
Estimates of how much the human body is made up of water vary, but on average it's about 70% in a healthy adult and that's a lot.

We are also constantly told it is healthy to drink a lot of water. But do you find this difficult? If you do manage to drink water do you constantly pass it straight out again?

Not all water is the same. Nikken Pimag water is specially conditioned not only to be the healthiest out there, but to also be easy to drink AND absorb. The more you drink the more you want.

It is therefore one of the easiest, cheapest, and most passive ways to improve your health.

You have to drink anyway, why not drink water that tastes great, is cheaper than inferior bottled water, and is actually going to re-hydrate and energise you?

Available through the beautifully designed stand alone Waterfall filter pictured below, or a Sports Bottle.

Please contact me for further information or visit http://nikkenwellbeing.co.uk/info/nicki
The Nikken Waterfall

Thursday 4 February 2016

Japan Tops The Charts

Nicki Edgell

People everywhere are living longer - on average. According to WHO stats a girl who was born in 2012 can expect to live to around 73 years, and a boy to the age of 68. This is six years longer than the average global life expectancy for a child born in 1990.

The gap between rich and poor countries is still very significant but has narrowed. Wherever they live in the world, women live longer than men. Women in Japan have the longest life expectancy in the world at 87 years, followed by Spain, Switzerland and Singapore.

Female life expectancy in all the top 10 countries was 84 years or longer. Life expectancy among men is 80 years or more in nine countries, with the longest male life expectancy in Iceland, Switzerland and Australia.

“In high-income countries, much of the gain in life expectancy is due to success in tackling non-communicable diseases,” says Dr Ties Boerma, Director of the Department of Health Statistics and Information Systems at WHO.

“Fewer men and women are dying before they get to their 60th birthday from heart disease and stroke. Richer countries have become better at monitoring and managing high blood pressure for example.”

Declining tobacco use is also a key factor in helping people live longer in several countries.

Magnets aren’t mentioned of course but it is interesting that Nikken developed in Japan in the 1970s and the majority of users are still women. Interesting.

Wednesday 3 February 2016

The Thing About Static Magnets

Nicki Edgell
The thing about static magnets is that there is some dispute about whether they can provide any health benefits such as pain relief, blood thinning or an increase in energy or blood flow. Magnet pioneers Nikken, who have been developing magnetic technologies for over 40 years, have invented a number of systems that create moving magnetic effects from static magnets. 

Nikken has found that the more complex the magnetic field, the more effective it is on the body. The additional benefits to these dynamic magnetic technologies over the traditional static magnets are depth of penetration and continual flux movement across a wider area.

Not All Magnets Are Equal

Static magnets create a one way flux line dimension. The flux moves from the south to the north and north back to south (a circular effect). If you create movement in the magnet (biaxial rotation for example) then the flux field, while still moving in the same process as before has a much bigger field of movement as it is taken into different positions. Nikken's Dynaflux Technology takes this moving magnet idea into a stationary magnet by forcing the opposite poles (north v north or south v south) towards each other which forces the flux lines sideways as well as in a circular movement. This helps to create the deeper penetration and wider field.
But hey, does it really matter how it works if it works? Come to a Nikken demo and stand on a pair of the latest Nikken Kenko Mstride Insoles and feel the difference yourself.

It doesn't matter if you are tall, short, big, small, male, female, old or young, it works on everybody - you will be amazed!

Also have a look at this fascinating video from Dennis Williams where he demonstrates a dynamic magnetic field from an apparently static Nikken magnet https://youtu.be/QHQPTE9fzPE?t=1m30s

Monday 1 February 2016

Bracelets that look good and can make you feel good too!

Nicki Edgell
These beautiful bracelets from #Nikken are available in white, pink, blue and rose. They incorporate Nikken's trademark three (triphase) technologies - magnetism, far-infrared, and negative ions, designed to work in harness with the Earth's natural energies. Not only do they look good but can also help alleviate problems associated with over exposure to electro magnetic waves, wifi etc.

Please contact me or visit the links at the side of the page for further information on these and other Nikken products.
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