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  1. Who are Nikken? Nikken is an international wellness company formed in Japan in 1975. It offers wellness products based on magnetic technology. All products are sold through field consultants who operate in a Network Marketing model.
  2. Who are Nikkenergy? Nikkenergy is a team of Independent Nikken Consultants based in and around Brighton in the UK. The members of the team work together in "collaborative entrepreneurship".
  3. Is your online shop only for UK customers? Yes, our online shop at http://nikkenshop.eu is currently only open for UK residents. If you are in Europe please ring Nicki direct who will either be able to give you a special online link denominated in Euros or will arrange international shipping. If you live in the USA or Canada please visit our US consultant here. If you live in South America please visit our South American consultant here. If you live anywhere in the rest of the world please contact us as we will most likely be able to put you in contact with a local consultant in your country, or be able to organise international shipping.
  4. Do you have a brochure? Yes, we have printed brochures for all products or individual reference sheets, leaflets and factsheets. To view the full brochure online please visit https://issuu.com/nikkeneurope/docs/uk_product_brochure 
  5. How much is it? The product prices vary of course but are displayed by product when you sign into the shop website. Nikken products are premium products but we believe offer great value for money. There are also special offers that run from time to time. Please contact Nicki for the latest prices for anything you may be interested in, or a comprehensive price list for all products.
  6. Are there delivery costs on top? Yes, most prices are quoted excluding p&p which is £10.20 for orders up to around £700. For some consumable items there is an autoship facility available which offers discount pricing including cheaper p&p.
  7. What does the Nikken water taste like? It's fantastic.
  8. What are those stones doing in the bottom of the Pimag Waterfall? These are special mineral pebbles mined off the coast of Korea which add vital minerals and nutrients to the water.
  9. How often do I have to change the filter in the Pimag Waterfall? About every 1,000 litres which for a family using it all the time for drinking and cooking works out every 3 months or so.
  10. Do magnets work? Legally Nikken is not allowed to make any medical claims but there are literally thousands of testimonials advocating their use. The best thing is to try for yourself. Many people feel a benefit immediately, some after a time, and some nothing. Exercises demonstrating strength, grounding and balance, work on practically everybody. Furthermore the vast majority of people who start using the magnets, or other Nikken products, never stop, and often display an intoxicating vibrancy and lust for life - certainly something we nurture in our team. Ultimately the success of the products is demonstrated by the success of Nikken which is a multi-national company which has been operating for over 40 years.
  11. Can I become a consultant with you if I live outside the UK? Yes.
  12. What is the outlay if I want to be a consultant? The minimum is a joining fee currently £78 and then an annual fee currently in the region of £70 for which you get an online shop and access to support plus other benefits within the Nikkenergy team such as training, mentoring, marketing, and an established internet presence. It is also beneficial to "experience" and "live" some products which you would normally purchase yourself before "sharing" to others but this is not compulsory. Commissions are not guaranteed but it would be unusual not to earn at least your annual fee back in commissions.
  13. Is consultancy a selling job? Ultimately it is but our team works under the "Michael Oliver Natural Selling" approach which is a much gentler, take it or leave it, sharing exercise, which, as the name suggests, comes effortlessly, not least because they are fantastic products "that everybody needs, but very few have". For more information see Michael's website here http://naturalselling.com/ . The best Nikken consultants are not what you imagine a traditional salesperson to be, but are just enthusiastic, heart-centred, optimistic, positive people, with an interest in health and wellbeing, a yearning for continual self development and a wish to help others. 
  14. How do I buy a product? Either browse our official Nikken shop website available here http://nikkenshop.eu and select items for your basket (you will be asked to register with your delivery and payment details if this is your first time), or contact Nicki direct.
  15. Can I try products first? If you live in the vicinity (Brighton, London, South of England) we run frequent demos and sometimes lend out larger items such as the sleep system. We are fast expanding our network of coverage within the UK, and further afield. Please contact us for details.
  16. Do the products wear out? The deterioration of magnetic strength is extremely slow and practically negligible over time. Nikken products are quality made products that are subject to normal wear and tear of course but have been built to last. Sometimes new improved designs are brought out.
  17. What is Triphase? Triphase is marked on Nikken products that contain all three key technologies that Nikken has developed - magnetics, far-infrared, and negative ions.
  18. I can understand magnets but how does Nikken get negative ions and far-infrared into it's products? We don't really know but the clever Nikken scientists have invested millions of dollars over many years into developing special materials that emit these things! We know it's hard to believe but come to a demo where we cook a lemon in a Nikken duvet! At the end of the day we don't really know how electricity or radiowaves work but we just know they do.
  19. What about radiowaves, electromagnetic waves and wifi? It is too early to tell whether modern life has created a time bomb of illness due to the ubiquitousness of these things, but the Nikken products help alleviate any negative effects through reconnecting humans with the earth's natural energies.
  20. What sweetener is used in the Complete Balance Meal Replacement Shake? The formula contains stevia extract as a natural sweetener. There is no sucralose or fructose, and the natural sugar content is less than 1 gram per serving, essentially sugar-free. 
  21. Should I use the PiMag water in my kettle? Yes, definately. It will transform your teas or coffees and you will appreciate the difference from tap water very quickly. Furthermore many nutritionists and health practitioners advocate drinking hot water without tea or coffee and this will definately taste so much better with our water filter.
  22. My Waterfall water tastes a bit "metallic". This may be the case when the filter and/or the stones are brand new. New filters should be soaked for 8-12 hours or overnight if possible, and water passed through several times before insertion. The waterfall should then be flushed through with the new filter in place several times before the water reaches it's normal taste. New stones should also be soaked at first and then will settle down over the first few days. Also make sure the filter is sitting proud in the top chamber and no tap water can seep down the side without passing the filter.   
  23. Can I keep goldfish in the Waterfall? No! Granted the Pimag Waterfall does look a bit like a fish tank and there are claims on the internet that goldfish living in PiMag water will greatly outlive their contemporaries, and the filter could probably manage fine even if the upper chamber was used as an aquarium (after all it can even turn Coca Cola and Wine into water), but the answer is still no!
  24. What is gauss? Gauss is a unit of measurement that indicates the strength of a magnetic field. The higher the gauss number, the stronger the magnetic field and the greater distance the field extends outward from the surface of the magnet.
  25. Is higher gauss better? Not necessarily. Generally speaking, for these types of magnetic products any value over 200 gauss is considered good. What makes a product outstanding is the combination of gauss strength and advanced design.
  26. Are magnets safe? Anyone who is concerned about the use of magnets, who has an implanted electronic device, or a woman in the first trimester of pregnancy, should consult a physician or care provider before using any magnetic product.
  27. Are there any technical factsheets about the products? Yes, navigate to the Nikken website at http://nikkenwellbeing.co.uk and click on the Product Technologies tab or the Shop Now tab where pdf factsheets are available for most individual products. If you can not find what your are looking for please ask and we will be able to help. 
  28. What is the returns policy? We will endeavour to sort out any problems that you come across with advice, replacement parts etc. For most products (the exception is some of the sleep products) Nikken has a regular returns policy and is subject to the regular distant selling regulations. 


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