Tuesday, 23 February 2016

How Wide is This Market?

Nicki Edgell
Some people ask is direct selling, or multi level marketing, or network marketing, or whatever you want to call it (except pyramid selling, that's different, and illegal, and for another post) a legitimate ethical business?

Well it depends what you are selling, like any other company, business, or shop. And like any other company, business or shop, the aim is to sell something, whether it be a product or a service. So when people say "you are just selling something" what does that actually mean? Not much actually as how is that any different from the high street shop, the 7/11, the petrol station, the supermarket, Apple, Amazon, or Microsoft? Not at all, they are all "just selling something". Business is about selling things and unfortunately western society is largely based upon (and obsessed upon) what is referred rather flatteringly as "growth" but in reality means "consumption".

If people want that product or service and it's not illegal or bad for your health or the environment then that's fine. Even better is if people actually need the product or service. But much growth and consumption relies on people continuously buying or replacing things they don't need - new cars, mobile phones, upgraded software etc - none that do anything different from the previous "obsolete" models of only a few years' of age.

Is Nikken just selling stuff? Well, it is selling stuff but not just selling stuff. This stuff is beneficial to people and can save them huge amounts of time, money and heartache through their lives as part of a selfcare regime. Is this more legitimate than Apple flogging everyone a new iphone6 a few month's after the 5 comes out, or software houses reselling things to clients who have already bought them many times over, or Big Pharma rushing out untested vaccines in response to the latest false flag health scare, or Big Oil continuing to over supply the earth's rare resources propped up by Western Governments who refuse to invest in renewables? I think it is.

Nikken sells through independent consultants who have experienced the products directly themselves, many of whom work in the medical field, and are generally positive, healthy, heart centred people who want to help. The Nikken motto is "discover, live, share" and it comes in that order for the vast majority of consultants who find Nikken. One of top Nikken consultant Julie Tara's favourite sayings is "we have something nobody has but everybody needs." What more of a valid basis for a successful business could one wish for than that?

Does "nobody" have the Nikken products as Julie says? Well, outside of Japan, not many. The following figures illustrate the growth and potential of this market for anyone interested in getting in right now -

  • Sales for magnetic therapy products have reached $5 billion worldwide, including $1.9 billion in Europe according to Nikken, the World’s leader in the MLM of biomagnetics.
  • An estimated 35 million customers in 22 countries use magnet therapy products, this equates to 1 in 7 Japanese, 1 in 200 American and 1 in 10,000 European households.
  • The fastest growing market is Europe, with the United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden providing the top 3 growing markets (Nikken UK Ltd)
(figures from this article https://kiki-health.com/magnet-therapy/ )

What jumps out here is the European household figure. 9,999 households out of every 10,000 don't have any magnetic therapy products in their homes! Are we on the verge of massive growth in the market? The Nikken leadership certainly think so and are confident the fundamental changes they've made to the structure and workings of the company will place them firmly at the forefront of a new selfcare revolution.

Self Care - Take Responsibility for Your Own Health (and Finances!)

About the Author

Nicki Edgell

I am a clinical Psycho-neuro-immunologist, Metabolic Balance Coach, Natural Nutritionist and Independent Nikken Consultant. I practice in Brighton in the South of England, helping individuals and groups towards the health, vitality and the life they want for themselves. I work under the principle that wellness depends on a balanced holistic approach to living, in all areas of your life: your body, mind, family, community and financial health all have an impact on your wellbeing.


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