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My Spring Equinox 2016 Newsletter

Nicki Edgell

I’m very excited to bring you this year’s Spring Equinox Newsletter.  It’s a great time of new beginnings and of letting go of past wounds.  This can be a time of emotional and physical change with great possibilities for the next 6 months to bring what you want in your life into fruition.  With this in mind, I have finally mastered mailchimp to bring you this newsletter!  I am also emerging on social media.   Many of you will already be members of my Nutrition and Healing facebook group. If not, do ask to be added.   I share there anything to do with health and healing.  I have also just started a blog  which you can follow called  I love these interactive means of keeping in touch and welcome questions or feedback.
So what does this equinox hold in store?  You will be feeling those letting go/pulling energies already.  You or those around you may already have been experiencing headaches, rashes, bloating, irritability, nausea, cravings, heavy, achy limbs, flu-like symptoms or lack of energy recently. I am seeing a lot of itchy skin issues in my practice at the moment. These symptoms are signs that the toxins leaving your body are overwhelming your lymph, blood and liver. This is quite normal for the spring time equinox.

The Spring Equinox has long been celebrated as a time of beginning and renewal when day and night are equal length and herald longer daylight hours and an expanding energy in the earth and in our bodies. This is the time when the energy of the earth changes its spin and can literally send us into a spin energetically and into a natural detox.  This letting go of toxicity can be on a physical and emotional level.  It doesn’t always go smoothly and can need a little help to bring energy to all parts of ourselves to aid elimination and letting go.

With all the detoxification your body is going through you can support yourself at this time and reduce those symptoms by following these guidelines. 
  • Keep those toxins moving out of the body with a pint of warm water first thing, and again mid-morning, mid-afternoon and mid-evening.  I recommend and drink myself from the pimag waterfall filter as it provides you with alkaline, structured, mineralised living water.  This really helps combat acidity and dehydration in the body.  I love the clean taste and light/smoothness of the water I drink. I know a number of you are already enjoying this delicious water. Here’s the link if you want to check it out.
  • For breakfast, have some protein to help avoid blood sugar symptoms listed above. Move away from porridge/cereals and try a smoothie made with soaked almonds and seeds, fruit, natural yoghurt, avocado and a few green leaves or mushroom omelette or pancakes made with egg and mashed banana and cinnamon.
  • Eat seasonally and start to alter the foods you eat to match the energy of the spring.  Make the transition towards a lighter diet with lots of chlorophyll-rich green vegetables. Slowly increase your raw intake but still include some warming soups and stews with plenty of bone broth and add plenty of fresh herbs just before serving. Cut down or eliminate alcohol which will tax your liver more at this time.  Cut down on sugars of all sorts (bread, cakes, cereals etc) which are inflammatory.
  • Include ginger daily to support your kidneys.  Increase potassium rich foods – green leafy vegetables, parsley, watercress, peas, bananas, apples, avocados, raisins, apricots, nuts and oily fish.
  • Use naturopathic techniques such as daily dry skin brushing with a natural bristle brush, brushing towards your heart. This stimulates your lymphatic system.  Also, tap lightly across your chest, just under your collar bone to stimulate your thymus gland.  Take epsom salt baths 3 x a week at this time of year.  You may need to use enemas or a colonic at this time to help support and clear organs that may be struggling. You may also consider a far infrared sauna or using the far infrared sleep products that I recommend from Nikken.
  • Exercise is really important to keep the lymph moving.  Using the high intensity interval training method everyone can maximise the effects of short bursts of exercise, even those of you lacking in energy.   Also start taking longer walks in nature if you haven’t been doing so over winter.  Start digging in the garden or allotment. Removing the weeds and preparing the ground for the new growth and abundance both metaphorically and in reality.
  • Reconnect with nature’s energies of magnetics from the earth, the far infrared warming energy of the sun and the negative ions we breathe down by the sea or in the woods.  I think we need as much help here as we can get as most of us live 90% indoors. That’s why I teach about Nikken and their use of these natural energies in products that we use in our daily lives in our homes: to drink clean energised alkaline water, breathe negative ion rich clean air, to have quality sleep cocooned in nature’s energies, to bathe and shower in clean filtered water. You can read more about these technologies at
  • Use techniques like Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) to help clear emotional blocks.  I also now offer Theta Healing to help reprogram neural pathways and change limiting belief systems that are causing stress.
Finally, remember to be gentle with yourself over the next couple of weeks.  Take time out to look after yourself and focus on keeping those routes of elimination open. Create positive thoughts and intentions and focus on what you would love to create in your life during the expansive growth of the next 6 months. 

Spring Smoothie Recipe

1 apple,
Large handful of spinach – chopped,
Grated ginger ,Small handful of soaked arame seaweed,
½ avocado,
Juice of ½  lemon,
1 tbsp ground flaxseeds, and chia seeds
1 tbsp ground almonds,
½ pint coconut milk
1tsp turmeric powder

Blend all ingredients together.  Add any supplements you take – eg. fish oil, vitamin D3, B complex – and if too thick add some more filtered pimag water to get your desired consistency -  chew it as you drink and enjoy!

If you would like help with moving through this equinox period smoothly or would like to harness the power of this natural time to detox, to lose weight, gain more energy, sleep better, reset/rebalance your hormones…give me a call or email me for a chat or to book in for an assessment or a 1-to-1.

If you would like to find out more about how to protect, support and energize yourself naturally, I am now doing regular demos to give you an experience of what happens instantly in your body when you are near nature’s energizing and balancing magnetic, far infrared and negative ions.  Ask for details of my next dates* if you’d like to come along and see the magic for yourself.

Wishing you a very happy and smooth transition to Spring.  Nicki x

You can call/email me for individual health advice or look at my website for more information

*Call/text/email for my next Active Wellness Demo dates
Held in Brighton or we can create events wherever groups want them.

Go to for Nikken support 
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About the Author

Nicki Edgell

I am a clinical Psycho-neuro-immunologist, Metabolic Balance Coach, Natural Nutritionist and Independent Nikken Consultant. I practice in Brighton in the South of England, helping individuals and groups towards the health, vitality and the life they want for themselves. I work under the principle that wellness depends on a balanced holistic approach to living, in all areas of your life: your body, mind, family, community and financial health all have an impact on your wellbeing.


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