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Brighton Health and Wellness Events - January 2017

Nicki Edgell
I am hosting three events in Brighton in the next couple of weeks which may be of interest. Please get back to me if you would like to come along to any.

Friday 20th Jan, 7.15pm, Hanover Centre - Nutrition Talk with Laughter Yoga
Saturday 21st Jan, 1.45pm, 108 Stanmer Villas - Creating a Life in Balance with Nikken
Sunday 29th Jan, 6.45pm, 365 Ditchling Road - Heart Centred Film Club Night "In Utero"
Details follow:
NUTRITION WITH LAUGHTER with Nicki Edgell and Emma Hiwaizi
FRI Jan 20th, 7.15 - 9.30 pm
Hanover Centre, 33 Southover Street, BN2 9UD
Join us for another evening of stress busting in Brighton with Nicki Edgell and Emma Hiwaizi!

Want to start the new year by getting back on track with your diet after the festive season? Do you feel totally confused about how to regulate your weight and energy levels? Does the advice you have been given seem to conflict? Do you eat three meals per day or six? Do you detox, fast or never skip a meal? Do you have a low-fat diet or a high-protein diet? Nicki Edgell, our clinical psycho-neuro-immunologist, will talk about the Metabolic Balance and the impact of modern day stress on our metabolism, our weight, our circadian rhythm and our behaviour. Nicki will dispel some myths around what we are to eat for health. She will outline practical ways to restore our natural circadian rhythm and metabolism by making a few simple changes to bring about optimum weight and bundles of energy to have the life you want.

Laughter Yoga is a unique exercise system which combines deep breathing with laughter exercises. Laughter Yoga was created 18 years ago by an Indian doctor in Mumbai who wanted to share the healing power of laughter with as many people as possible. Sessions include songs, games, laughter exercises, deep breathing and a laughter meditation. Laughter boosts endorphin levels, boosts the immune system, can help to alleviate stress and anxiety and can help us get in touch with the more playful and creative aspects of ourselves... Emma Hiwaizi stumbled on Laughter Yoga by chance - but has found it a profoundly helpful tool for dealing with the stresses and strains of modern life. She is the co-founder of Brighton Laughter Club and has been running regular laughter sessions for almost 4 years. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing!

The Brighton StressBusters Team is looking forward to welcoming you all to this exciting event!

Admission: £5 - includes coffee/tea, biscuits and (as always!) lots of positive energy
Registration starts from 7pm.

P.S. We also hope you'll join us for the last instalment of stress-busting at the pub after the event :)
NIKKEN PREVIEW with Nicki Edgell and Carmen Vesztergom
Sat 21st Jan, 1.45 - 4 at 108 Stanmer Villas, Brighton, BN1 7HN
Do you want to create a life in Balance, Health and Vitality?

Come and learn about Active Wellness and the Nikken Advantage - choices proven to increase health and vitality, reduce stress, pain, low energy, poor sleep & the effects of environmental stresses.

Come along to experience for yourself technologies to support your health and daily active lifestyle.

Explore a new model for personal economic stability to create the life you love.

Connect with Entrepreneurs who are building a purpose driven community.

The Active Wellness 2017 Nikken Global World Tour is coming to Brighton! Catch the next wave!

" I love this Company for it's philosophy and their amazing technologies which I have been using for 8 years. I hope you'll be able to come along to find out for yourself about these great solutions for generating health and income" Nicki Edgell (energy expert)

FREE EVENT but please RSVP call/text 07786405366. Look forward to seeing you.
IN HOME FILM CLUB NIGHT WITH POST FILM DISCUSSION with Nicki Edgell, Carol Ironside, and Kate Collier
Sunday 29th January 6.45 - 9pm
365 Ditchling Road, Brighton, BN1 6JU

Please join us for our first Heart Centred Film night of 2017 screening the award winning film IN UTERO.

What are the influences that inform how we are formed during the nine months we spend in our mother's womb? Are we who we think we are?

IN UTERO is a cinematic rumination on what will emerge as the most provocative subject of the 21st Century - life in the womb and its lasting impact on human development, human behaviour, and the state of the world. Epigenetics, scientists, psychologists and doctors converge to prove that we are not what we think we are.

IN UTERO brings together for the first time convincing data that explains why some of us face challenges from the start while others thrive.

Prepare to be surprised, intrigued, but no longer baffled by what the future holds for yourself, your loved ones, and the human race.

View trailer here:

Suggested donation £5 to go to a local homeless charity. Please RSVP to Nicki 07786405366 to reserve your seat and click on the GOING above.
Nicki Edgell Dip cPNI DNN fntp
Clinical Psycho-neuro-immunologist
Nutritional Therapist
Nikken Wellness Consultant

About the Author

Nicki Edgell

I am a clinical Psycho-neuro-immunologist, Metabolic Balance Coach, Natural Nutritionist and Independent Nikken Consultant. I practice in Brighton in the South of England, helping individuals and groups towards the health, vitality and the life they want for themselves. I work under the principle that wellness depends on a balanced holistic approach to living, in all areas of your life: your body, mind, family, community and financial health all have an impact on your wellbeing.


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