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Nikken - A Better Way To a Life in Balance

Nicki Edgell

The Compound Effect of Our Choices

Life tends to tick along and pass us by. Many of us have found ourselves on an automatic trajectory of life based on our circumstances, background, education and upbringing and we don't always pay much attention to how we get to where we are. We muddle along and hope for the best.

However for many of us the results (however we choose to define them in terms of success and happiness) don't always work out too well. Statistically many of us are not wealthy or healthy or happy.

So how can we change this on a conscious level?

The small choices we make everyday with consistency create a compounded effect, whether positive or negative. These choices are repeated and build over time and several years down the line we reap the results. So the small things we are doing now may be leading us to illness in the long term - for example we choose to eat something unhealthy or we avoid exercise - these things become habits and before you know it you have a health problem.

By beginning to make just small changes in our choices, behaviour and habits we are more likely to reap significant positive benefits over future months.

The Causes of Stress

Modern life brings with it many conveniences but also many new stresses that were not so present a few decades ago.

The Nikken Philosophy

One of the things we have often been pre-conditioned to believe in is a particular definition of success. This is often seen in terms of wealth or fame. But are these things a lasting source of happiness in themselves?

Nikken defines success and happiness by balance. Balance across five key areas of life referred to as the Five Pillars of Health. These areas are Mind, Family, Society, Body and Finances. It is hard to be truly happy and successful if you have healthy finances without a healthy body, or maybe your healthy finances have come at a cost to your family.

Nikken consultants aim to make a difference in the lives of People, to have a positive impact on the Planet, and in the process to be rewarded with Profit

The profit is important as money is one of the most common causes of modern stress. To achieve balance we need a financial solution that works with the other pillars and not contrary to them. We can not address the other aspects of a balanced lifestyle without addressing this key source of stress.

The Financial Pillar of Health

We have also been conditioned in the way we make a living. By far the most common way is to be an employee. The amount of work determines your income so income is linear and restricted by the number of hours in the day. You may be self employed which may be slightly more flexible but your income is similarly restricted and you are still essentially working for someone else. These forms of employment apply to 95% of the population, but note too that these people only own 5% of the wealth. 

On the other hand if you are a business owner or a capital investor your wealth and income is not restricted by the number of active hours you can put in. You can reap the rewards of other people's work. You are in the group that represents only 5% of the population but owns 95% of the wealth.

What we are trying to achieve with network marketing is a move away from trading your time for money towards residual or leveraged earnings where your wealth does not depend directly on your hours of work. This allows you to still earn while on holiday or sleeping! There is no ceiling to your earnings. Everyone can become a CEO and business owner. You collaboratively work with other entrepreneurs who become your business partners. Business success is shared. You can enjoy more freedom to make your own choices about when and where you work and who to work with.

A Part of the Gig Economy

The traditional pattern of working shown on the left hand side of the picture above is beginning to dissapate and there is a new "gig" economy emerging in response to people's needs and choices. 

Loyalty both from the employee and the employer are a thing of the past and employees rarely have a job for life. Their responsibility is to themselves and their families. The new generation of millenials now entering the workforce is less accepting of the status quo and traditional work conditions. Apart from that traditional job roles are becoming more and more scarce.

Although their has been some negative press recently about the gig economy in terms of employee rights and security, it also does offer flexibility, mobility, and interesting opportunities. With the internet anyone can join from anywhere in the world. There are very few barriers to entry and if you are good at what you do you can become successful in the niche you have chosen.

Huge new companies like Uber and Air BnB are at the forefront of the growth of this economy. Yet Uber does not own a single taxi, and Air BnB does not own a single hotel. 

The Nikken Solution

The Nikken business opportunity is a chance to embrace the "gig" economy and add a further leg to your "portfolio career". For an annual cost in the region of £80/year you can join an established health company built on purpose with unlimited potential. You gain access to the Nikken structure and network, training, mentoring, support and an e-commerce website. Nikken takes care of the back end office and warehouse functions like stock and delivery. Best of all, by building and then leading a team, and leveraging their business too, you can de-link your earnings from your time!

What Do We Sell?

The Nikken company is unique in that it offers a whole suite of health products combined together in the concept of a Wellness Home. Many customers will begin their customer journey with a purchase in one area and then progress to other areas once they've had a positive experience. There are also consumable products, which help to maintain a business, such as the nutritionals and the replacement filters for the air machine and water. Customers once registered with you through the website system will return to you for their replacement parts and repeat purchases (especially if you look after them!). The Nikken network marketing model is based on retailing genuine products to genuine customers - a model which has been successful for over 40 years.

The Expansion Model

Each person in the team works towards developing at least 5 wellness homes with customers and teaches 3 new consultants to do the same. In many cases it is the customers who choose to become consultants often after a positive customer experience.

Knowledge and training is passed down the team through a mentoring and coaching system known as the ABC. When you first join you (you are C) will be introduced by a consultant (the B) who will normally put you in contact with their more experienced upline (the A). As you grow your team you will become the B and then eventually you will be leading ABCs for your downline and their new consultants as the A.

The Nikken Support System

As one of the most established teams in the UK with consultants now in the US and South America too we have experience and access to all the coaching and mentoring available in Nikken in order to help you grow your business and crucially to develop personally too. These trainings will include face to face liaison and online webinars and meetings.

As you grow your team you will naturally come across partners who come and go, or those that are more active than others or at different times depending on their circumstances. The structure of the network means that you can have a number of "legs" of your network and can choose to work with anyone you identify as far down the line as you like (unlike some network compensation plans Nikken will reward you for activity down your line up to 6 active levels deep depending on your rank). Sometimes a consultant may not be active themselves but they have provided a gateway to someone else they know who is a future "Diamond" consultant.

Network marketing earnings are not an exact science of course and statistics are often based on averages but many believe it follows the law of threes meaning that if you make a presentation to a 100 people you may find a third are interested (30), a third again may sign up (10) and a third again may make an active run at the business (3). But if one of those 3 is a diamond your presentation will have been worth it!

Rank Advancement

As you build your team you will naturally move up the ranks of the Nikken organisation increasing your earnings potential as you go.

What Can I Earn?

Nikken is a commission only network marketing organisation. The commission system is called the compensation plan and is fundamentally based on basic earnings of 20% commission on your sales. When you have a team and gain a leadership rank you also share commission on the business of the members in your team and your earnings are supplemented by various additional bonuses. 

For further details of potential earnings please see this post >>

Would You Like To Learn More?

I joined Nikken in 2009 and am now one of the UK's business leaders working closely with former Nikken CEO Ben Woodward and fellow Platinum consultant Louise Coe. I now head my own international team based in the SE of England with consultants in the USA and South America.

If the above opportunity sounds of interest to you I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email me at or call me on (0044)7786 405366 to learn more.

To hear more direct from myself and Ben we present an online webinar on the Nikken Business Opportunity every Tuesday lunchtime 12.30 UK time. Please call for details.

Nicki Edgell
Platinum Nikken Consultant
Team Kaizen 2017/18

About the Author

Nicki Edgell

I am a clinical Psycho-neuro-immunologist, Metabolic Balance Coach, Natural Nutritionist and Independent Nikken Consultant. I practice in Brighton in the South of England, helping individuals and groups towards the health, vitality and the life they want for themselves. I work under the principle that wellness depends on a balanced holistic approach to living, in all areas of your life: your body, mind, family, community and financial health all have an impact on your wellbeing.


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